August 3: Friends and Enemies

Though we can learn from, and be grateful for, both friends and enemies in our lives, isn’t it just more enjoyable to have more friends than enemies?

It is difficult for some of us to make friends.  Making enemies is easy.  I’ve noticed that when I do the difficult things in life, they become easier as I acquire skills that empower me to habitually behave in stronger, wiser, and better ways.

Simon Sinek teaches, “Together is better.”  We are all in this life thing together.  Life becomes more manageable, enjoyable, fulfilling, purpose-filled, and meaningful, when we work together towards a common goal, rather than working against one another.  Life is better when we add value to our own lives and even better when we add value to the lives of others.  Life is more fulfilling when we are capable of connecting with others on a deep level, finding similarities and common interests between ourselves and others that creates a bond.


Wayne Dyer teaches that ANYONE who has the ability to trigger us, causing any type of an overreaction within us, is to be considered a SOUL MATE.  At first, I fought the idea, but after listening to his explanation, and adopting his definition, I had to agree that this way to perceive others who cause within me anger, frustration, bitterness, or resentment-as a SOUL MATE, or someone who is actually helping me to discover and do the difficult work I still need to do within, was INCREDIBLY useful.

At first, making friends may seem difficult or foreign to us; however, doing so every chance we get will consistently and continuously create a support system for ourselves and everyone around us.  Making friends can and will lessen the level of stress we live with, and make our lives more manageable, enjoyable, fulfilling, and meaningful.  I think we will be happier! 

It’s worth it to create within our hearts and minds an environment of acceptance, empathy, love, and kindness, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO OURSELVES.  
We interact with others in the same ways we interact with our self.

Why have enemies when we can have friends?  Friends can and will enrich our lives in more ways than an enemy will ever be able to.  Winning quality people over from enemy to friend has many benefits.

It is helpful to also be wise.  Not everyone needs to be, or should be, a friend. 

While everyone has something to teach us and has the potential to add value to our lives in some way, we would be wise to remember to spend the majority of our time around supportive, encouraging people who do just that, rather than those who desire to tear us down, criticize us constantly, and have no desire to treat us or anyone else with kindness.

The most helpful text, which is now also on audio book, I have come across on interpersonal communication and building long-lasting, deep, meaningful relationships is, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  It was written decades ago by Dale Carnegie.  Even though the stories are old and the author dead and gone, the wisdom contained in this book will benefit those who take the opportunity to read it, forever.  The knowledge and wisdom contained in this book forever altered the way I look at myself and others, and created within me the need and the ability to quickly and easily connect with others.

Today I will do some thinking and some research, and decide on what exactly I can consistently do to create an environment in which I can make and maintain more friendships and learn how to better connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level.  I will remember that to have great friends, I must first be a great friend.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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