August 2: Enjoying The Process?

When deciding what to do with the rest of our life, or what we want to become, and how we want to evolve, we need to ask ourselves the right question.

I have heard many times, from people FAR smarter and more successful than me that the question shouldn’t be, “Do I want this particular end result?”

The question we can ask instead is, “Do I want this particular process which will end in the result I desire.”

If we can love the process, the habits, the daily and consistent path, and the work which will lead us to the end result we desire, we are on the right track.

Many people want to be a millionaire or a billionaire.  Not everyone really wants the lifestyle, the work, and sacrifice which goes along with becoming financially wealthy and remaining financially wealthy.

Many people would like to become spiritually enlightened and happy in their soul.  Not everyone is willing to consistently study, learn about, and read about the enlightened ones in order to know what the process actually is.  Not everyone is willing to listen to enlightened teachers and mentors, or pray or meditate habitually and consistently, adhering to these practices for YEARS, to experience that result.  Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to become enlightened.

Many people desire to become popular, well-known, accomplished musicians, but are not willing to put in eight hours of practice daily, play gigs for free, and keep at it for 20 or more years to create the lifestyle and career they desire, allowing for the possibility of no success at all.

Instant gratification has become the new lifestyle, habit, practice, and expectation, but I think it is important for all of us to remember that it is a rare thing to become an overnight success without struggle and a definite growth process.

It is the process I think we need to fall in love with and enjoy-not the end result.  Otherwise, once we have made it, we will not MAINTAIN it.

Accomplishing a goal is a beautiful thing, but the true beauty and benefit is what we learn, attain, acquire, become, and create, during the work and struggle it takes in the accomplishment of the goal.

It has been said that if you took all the wealth in the world and distributed it evenly throughout the entire population, within a short time the money would be right back where it was-in the pockets of the ones who were wealthy before.  The poor would be poor again and the wealthy would be wealthy again.  This is no accident.

It all starts with mindset, beliefs, perspectives, consistent habit patterns, personal practices, and attitude.  In order to HAVE more in this human experience, we must DO that which will result in having what is directly correlated to that which we want to have more of.  

My personal belief is that we can never BE more.  Each of us is a perfect masterpiece-a being of light, love, and energy, inserted into this temporary, physical, human body.  But to HAVE more, we can learn how to DO more, using this body we inhabit as a TOOL.  All we will ever need is already within us.  The Universe was designed from the beginning to conspire on our behalf, and it will, if we let it.

Today I will look at my daily habits and routines and remember this is the process which will lead me into the life I will be living years from now.  I will start to live the life I want someday, today.

These are a few of the most helpful videos I have come across that have taught me and reminded me of these things, which have helped me the most.  I hope that you get from them what you need to ignite a fire within that will carry you through some of the difficult times as you work towards what you want to be more of, in order to help yourself and empower and inspire those around you, while enjoying the process all along the way.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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