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Bruno is a Former Chef and Culinary Instructor from Liège, Belgium.  He now lives in and is self-employed in  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.  He was born July 30, 1987 and speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, and French.  His website is and his Facebook page is at

His Chef Bruno the ŌYL NERD Facebook page can be found at:

Bruno’s Interview:

Can I get an outline of your life? (A brief history of your family of origin, where and how you grew up, what your mother and father and siblings were like.)
I was born in 1987.  I grew up in Belgium with a family of 7 children and two loving but pretty absent parents.
What is your current age? What year were you born and where have you lived?
I am 30 year old.  I have lived in many different European countries and and am now living in China.
What were the most important things you learned during your childhood and earlier years that helped you later in life?
Living with 6 siblings I’ve learned that everybody deserve a share of whatever you have as well.  Space is needed, mental space especially, so where i grew up we had a forest and I was needing to resource myself by taking walks in the woods.
What were some challenges or disabilities you experienced and what did you gain or benefit from living with and through these?
Coming from the big family we did not have much money so it was a disability, which taught me very early in life that if I wanted anything I had to work for it.
Depression was one of my biggest challenges after the death of my little brother, mother, and father.  It had been super hard to overcome.  I did so through helping somebody who at the time I ended up homeless through self medication using drugs and alcohol and wrong decisions he also was homeless but not through choices that he made.  His only choice was being executed for being a deserter or immigrating illegally in a city.  This person, while listening to my story, was really compassionate, which lead me to realize that through listening to his story of war I could put myself in that situation and realize I had made those choices so I could make better choices from then on in order to change my life.
What were your biggest failures/mistakes in life, and what did you learn from them?
My biggest failure or mistakes were to think people were against me or even thinking that whatever people do is for or against me, when what I realized later, and I learned from that, is that everyone lives for themselves and I should not expect anything from anyone.  If I do not like a situation I need first to change the way I look at it.
As well as having chosen to go for self medication and succombed to the addiction rather than taking ownership and deciding to make the right choice, though it lead me to discover myself and my purpose.
Where is your favorite place you have ever been and why?
I have been in many places. It’s hard to decide which one is my favorite forever though I do think I really love the Philippines for the simple reason that they have a natural sense of hospitality.  They can make you feel part of the family without even knowing you much.
As well as inside myself, surf opened the door to meditation for me and DMT has given me the most insight on why I was doing the wrong choices and revealed to me that I wanted to live a life more meaningful.
What is your educational background?
I am a trained and certified chef as well as a manager and owner of businesses through certification and study.
What jobs/employment have you had? Which was the most fulfilling and why?
I have work in every position possible in a hospital, from cleaning dishes to being a chef.  I have been a manager, I am now a business owner, leader and influencer in the health and wellness industry, which I love the most for the reason that everyday I have the chance to wake up and ask myself, “who can I help today?”
When you feel frustrated, angry, or out of control, what do you do to quickly and effectively return to your baseline emotion? (How do you, “Self-soothe”?)
I have learned through Tom Bilyeu how to master my reaction in very short time through making extremely powerful exercises which make your heartbeat at its fastest and as soon as you’re done working out sitting and breathing which gives me the capacity to now, as soon as I get triggered or rather as soon as I realized I get triggered, I can take a long and deep breath through my nose and completely change the way I feel within seconds.
What is a long-lasting, sustainable contribution you would like to make that lasts long after you are gone, and who do you want it to affect?
I am working and building a massive community of humanitarian health minded entrepreneurs who dedicate their lives to helping others through learning how to live healthily, through natural solutions, and it’s through education I empower most people who, like me before, did not know or do not know how to effectively and simply live a healthy lifestyle, naturally.
What are the principles and core beliefs you base your decisions and your life upon? Are there any principles or core beliefs that you altered/improved over the years, as you grew, progressed, and improved? (Old beliefs that didn’t serve you/were harmful vs. New beliefs which benefited you and those around you a great deal.)
I used to believe that your intelligence was predestined from your birth and childhood, as well as your social status, mindset and chance in life.  Through reading The Fifth Agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz and Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon hill, and having changed my circle of influence (a.k.a. my second and third moms as well as listening to influencers and taking them as mentor like Elon Musk, Peter Diamandis, Peter J. Voogd and, of course, Tom Bilyeu) which fed my mind with a growth mindset, it made me realize that genetics plays a very short role when in the contrary what you put in your brain, in your lungs and in your gut, is where you have real control over your genes as your genes would adapt to it and bend to your will, though it takes a lot of effort!
What are your favorite 3 quotes and why?
There is no try, do or do not! I love this quote because if you got in mind that you are just going to try you’re most certainly destined to fail you.  Either do it full on or you don’t waste your time.
You are what you dwell on!  I love this quote because what is in your mind is what you become.
Making money is like an orgasm: If you focus on it you will never get it so you better enjoy the process!  It says it all.
A bonus one: Ōwn Your Life with Nutrition Exercise Rest and Detox. ŌYL NERD.
Do you have a book list of your favorite, most helpful books? What are the books on your list and what were the most important points from each one?
My book list would be too long though my number one recommendation would be The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  It has taught me to focus on incrementing every little positive thing that I can, instead of hoping to accomplish the big dream very fast.  I am into doing every single little decision a bit more positively in my life.
Other than that I recommended to read a book every day.  I personally am at a pace of a book in 2 weeks.  I read every day between 15 to 30 minutes.
Who were the most important influential people in your life so far? Who do you consider your mentors?  (This can be someone in your life or someone you have never met.)
My parents were the number one.  One of my older brothers always guided me pretty well (thanks David).  I have also someone I call my second mother who has guided me in some of my toughest time after the loss of my father (thank you Monique) and if I can say my third mother who put her hand out when I most needed it and she guided me through self development and she painted the vision when I most needed it (thanks a million time Victoria).  Other than that Tom Bilyeu whom I consider like a real  mentor even though I Never met him and I love following Peter Diamandis-a massive inspiration, as well as Elon Musk.
Who or what has been the biggest, most helpful contributors to your life?
Essential oils, especially doTERRA, the community that we have and that we are building.  Just to think that a small bottle of essential oil can help so many people in so many ways from the farmer to the customer, and for myself because it has helped me overcome every one of my addictions, through replacing every ritual caused by a trigger, by using one essential oil that helps me reflect on what I need to do to get rid of those destructive mechanisms.
Is there anything I have not asked you that you would like to share that you believe could benefit others?
No matter how bad life can get remember that someone else has it worse than you out there so go out and help someone it will change the way you feel.
What do you believe is the purpose of your life?
I do believe that my purpose in life is to use all the trauma in my life and to use them as an opportunity to change the world through helping others by using my story, my pains, my time, my energy and my emotions to help and empower people through learning from my experiences and giving them a vehicle that they can use to own their life.
What is your main wish/desire for the loved ones in your life?
I wish and desire that everyone I love can access their true potential through learning and that they overcome their fear without having to go through all of the pain that I had.
Are there any questions in this interview you would re-word or are there any questions you would add to this interview to make it more helpful and effective?
I think it sums it up pretty good already, maybe the readers might have a different opinion.  If so, please leave it in the comment section so that we can help Pete improve this awesome website.
Do I have your permission to share/publish your interview?
Yes please do, if my story can even help 1 person over a lifetime it will have been worth it.
If people want to get in touch, most of my social medias are under my name either Schuyten Bruno or Bruno Schuyten (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc..)

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