Kieth Nielsen

Q: Can I get an outline of your Life? A: Mom was raised in Plainfield Wisconsin on a farm. Dad grew up on a Farm in South Beloit. Dad is a Veteran; Mom was a seamstress, and an accountant. Dad was a White Collar worker for Rockwell Int. Goss Div. We were raised in Winnebago where I was always bullied on a daily basis by teachers and students. I hated school it was more like being in prison. There were teachers that were not on my side which made it impossible for me to learn, I can name them too.

Q: What is my Current age? A: 53, April 22 1965,
Q: Where have I lived? A: Winnebago, Rockford , Joliet, Menard, Dixon, Galesburg Illinois, Newport news Va. St. Mary’s Ga.
Q: What were the most important things you learned during your childhood and earlier years that helped you later in life?
A: In the early years we traveled all over the country in the late 60’s till around 1974 when we started to square dance and travel all over the country square dancing, I’ve danced with 100,000 people on the same dance floor.
Q: What were some of the challenges or disabilities you experienced and what did you gain or benefit or lose from living through these?
A: When I started Drinking and drugging at the young age of 13, I shifted away from the family and lost interest in school and anything else and that started the downward spiral that got me into the Motorcycle Accident that should have taken my life. Still in the spiral after the accident I kept following the wrong people that I made the wrong decision to do a burglary that turned into a Capitol Murder that would led me to the change of life by lifers and the memories that those that are never getting out. I’ve been and seen more Violence in my life that has really showed me that most people out here will do what they have to do to support their own. They will only leave you out to dry and that’s why I no longer go and party like I used to.
Q: What were your biggest failures/ mistakes in life, and what did you learn from them?
A: Following others trusting people to not screw you over, expecting others to take the responsibility for their own actions.
Q: Where is your favorite place you have ever been and why?
A: I really enjoy going to the Farm that I help on, why so peaceful, quiet, have Empathic feeling bothers me anymore to live in the city.
Q: What is my Educational Background? I have a High school Diploma that I got in March of 1999, I also watch a lot of informational TV shows, and I love Scuba Diving and know about using Mixed Gas.
Q: What Jobs have I had?
A: Security, Armed Security, Back stage Security, Safety and Sanitation, Floor Care, Stock and Inventory, Shipping and Receiving, Professional Painter (Homes) Home Repair.
Q: All were great but Floor care was the best because I worked by myself and could get a pat on the back for my cleaning a Building that makes a difference in my attitude in life and work making others see that I can learn.
Q: When you feel Frustrated, angry, out of control, what do you do to quickly and effectively return to your baseline emotion?
A: There are many ways that I relax, I play video Games either by myself or listen to music on you tube, visit with friends that I know are not only out for their selves.
Q: What is a long –lasting, sustainable contribution you would make that lasts long after you are gone, and who do you want it to affect?
A: To survive and be responsible for your own actions in life because most run from what they do.
Q: What are your principle and core beliefs that you have based your decisions and your life upon?
A: I know that I have had many close calls in my life that’s why I was running with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble every time.
Q: Are there any that you have changed over the years?
A: I learned to not trust those that do not live their lives right. I learned that when the money is gone that Friends are gone too.
Q: What are your Favorite Quotes and Why?
1 Really, 2 Why, and 3 did you learn anything. A realist I have little sympathy for those that do stupid stuff and go to jail. I’ve been out 19 years. Really it does not seem like it’s been that many years ago. I’m not liked by most of my own classmates and they all know I was just present, just to walk into a room and be able to feel the hate that is for you is hurtful.
I have no favorite books but I’ve met some that are famous people that their stories in life have brought me to where I am at now. Roseanne Cash, Murph the Surf, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Benjamin Newell (Pistol Pete) my Guitar teacher. Rosemary Collins, Judge (ex-Attorney) Craig Thompson and many of my Family that have now passed.
Q: Who or what has been the biggest, most helpful contributor to your life?
A: Phyllis Jensen has been the biggest supporter and has been the only one that has been there at my lowest point. 18 years of the 19 years I have been free. Nothing has changed in the last 19 years still feel as if I’m serving more than I should have to. This is no way to live a life.
Q: What is the purpose of My Life?
A: My purpose is to help others as I try to help myself to find peace in my life, Show others that you can survive whatever you put your mind to, nothing is impossible.
Q: What is my wish or desire for those in my life?
A: Live only one day at a time if it’s meant to happen it will.



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