December 11: Awaken From The Dark Slumber

A disease has spread quickly throughout the world in the last 100 years.  It has infected everyone to different degrees, depending on everyone’s varying thresholds of tolerance, strength, immunity, teachings, philosophies, and beliefs.  It is a dark, destructive, devastating, disease of the mind.  It is the unintentional and unnoticed conformity, a herd mentality, and propensity towards a life devoid of intentional outcomes and creativity.    It is caused by neglect, a lack of consistent routine, and the absence of goals and dreams, remembered, focused upon, and worked on daily.

The darkness grows, and comes from distractions of all kinds which bombard our minds and takes the focus away from the truly important things in our lives.  The darkness infecting our minds distracts us and takes away the desire to face the difficult things which grow into monsters when they are not faced down.  This darkness cripples us by enabling us to justify a life of unrealized dreams filled with excuses, a lack of progression and growth, and the feeling that personal mediocrity, weakness, and conformity is okay for us, when really, we know better.

There is something better for each of us, simply waiting for us to turn our attention to it, and feed it, giving it power, time, attention, and energy.  We can quickly and easily be living an even more meaningful, desirable, enjoyable, purpose-filled life.  We can stop just making it through each day with our fingers crossed, hoping things will get better, and take back control of our minds and our lives.



How can we awake from this dark slumber and exchange simply existing in this state, for the beautiful, unique, happy life, that each of us deserves?

How can we create a more mindful, internal state of mind so we will always remember that happiness doesn’t come from outside sources, but from within?



Consistency creates confidence.  Consistency creates a conversion and a convergence of circumstances, which will serve and save us.

Consistent focus is everything, when it comes to creating.  Consistently practicing intense focus will bring about the results we want much more quickly.  We become what we think about all day long, and if our thoughts determine the quality of the words we speak and the lives we live, the most important question we can ask ourselves all day long is: “What am I going to CHOOSE to focus on right now and will that help me accomplish what I want to accomplish today?”

We must choose to be intentional about each moment of each day if we want to take back control of our minds and our lives.

If we feed our focus and destroy all distractions, how much more intentional will our lives be?  What will we be able to eventually create and manifest for ourselves and those we love?  How different will our lives be?

“Knowledge is power.  Knowledge about oneself is self-empowerment.  Knowledge of oneself comes from meditation.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza

Through self-empowerment, we become progressively more capable of self-actualization and more capable of self-recreation.

The interviews with Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory, The Lewis Howes Show, and the Ed Mylett Show, found on YouTube, is worth watching again and again.  Diving into his world and consuming all of his content is time well-spent.  Simply typye Joe Dispenza into the YouTube search engine.

What are YOU going to focus on today?  What will you choose to feed, and what will you choose to starve?  Which thoughts, emotions, and actions will you empower, and which ones will you take the power from?  What life are you going to create for yourself and your loved ones?  Are you living each moment well, in a beautiful, happy, peaceful state you choose to live in, or are you allowing your mind to be controlled, and living a life of distractions and darkness, allowing OTHERS to program and distract your mind to serve THEIR purposes and empower THEIR agenda?

Today I will think about these things, and answer the questions: “Do I need to wake up from a dark slumber?  Is there any one thing I can start doing, daily and consistently, which will propel me towards a better, happier, more meaningful, more optimized, more purpose-filled life, than the one I am now living?”

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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  1. Thank you,so much for sharing and caring for us. Stay humble and keep walking in harmony with God. Love and Thanks Sincerely Valeria

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