December 10: Do Our Genes Define Us?

Our genetic predispositions do not define us!  Because we are in control of our internal environments, and because of the science behind epigenetics, we can literally change our own destinies.  We must, however, be educated and intentional.  We cannot remain in the dark.  We cannot continue to choose to be naive or ignorant.



We live in the information age where knowledge of literally anything is at our fingertips, and ignorance is now a choice.  We can’t just wonder through life with our fingers crossed, hoping for the best, and expecting everything to change for us.  We must change, before things will change for us.  We must become better before things will get better for us.

In a discussion featuring Sadvi Bhagawati Saraswati and Dr. Bruce Lipton, it is scientifically explained just how we are actually in charge of our genes, and how they are not in charge of us, unless we allow them to be.  To listen to this amazingly powerful and useful information, type SELF OVER SITUATION into the YouTube search engine.

Self-Empowerment is the most useful power we can learn to use.  When we decide to empower ourselves, we choose to be wise, and learn all we can from those who have already accomplished, experimented with, and experienced all that we wish to.

We must be intentional.  We must be consistent.  We must replace our feelings and situations of comfort and ease with habitual, repetitive, consistent, daily routines, that are designed to benefit, strengthen, and help us in the highest degree possible, to learn, grow, evolve, expand, and optimize our life experiences in every way.  By so doing, ironically, we will enjoy a higher level of comfort and ease.



If we want better health, we must take the steps and do the work to learn how to make it better.  Nobody can do our push-ups for us.  The best information I have come across on creating a healthier lifestyle has come from the show HEALTH THEORY, by Tom Bilyeu.  Just type in Health Theory into YouTube’s search and enjoy.

If we want wisdom, we must read, ask questions, expose ourselves to new experiences, and be willing to fail and learn and fail again.  We must not be afraid of failure or of looking stupid.  We must never quit.  Better to prepare now and fortify our minds for what is inevitably to come so that when the storms of life hit, we are ready for them.  The best content I have come across to execute upon these life practices, and create the most empowering habits possible, have come from Tom Bilyeu and all of his incredible guests on his YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY.  Each of them provide a road map to various experiences of greatness.

If we want better relationships, the information is now out there, given by MANY people who have succeeded in doing the work to create excellent , fulfilling, meaningful relationships.  If we want better relationships, we must learn to do all that is necessary to create, attract, cultivate, and enjoy them.  We must do the work to enjoy the results.  We will need to learn how to communicate more effectively and fairly, with more empathy, understanding, kindness, patience, compassion, and love, and we will need to practice it at all times, not just when we feel like it.  We will have to put the time into the relationships we want to strengthen in order to enjoy the benefits.  If we don’t continuously cultivate a relationship, it will die.


“In order for our lives to get better, WE must become better.  Don’t wish for an easier winter.  Wish for more strength and endurance and wisdom.”

-Jim Rohn

WE are in control of our thoughts and FOCUS.  The content we allow into our minds is what we will focus on, and what we focus on determines the quality of our lives.  We must stand guard at the gates of our minds.  That which we focus upon will continuously manifest itself in our lives more and more.

Today I will look at my daily routine and my habits, that have created the internal environment in my mind, and produced the external, daily life that I live.  I will note the routines or habits that are not helping to benefit me or those around me to the highest degree possible.  I will make the necessary changes and improvements, daily, until the routines and habit I have created have become a perfect set of habits FOR ME.  I will practice that which is difficult until it becomes easy.  I will tackle the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

This is the most amazing, enlightening, interesting interview I have heard to date about epigenetics, breaking free of the Matrix, Creation, and Belief Changing:

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