December 9: Pillars

In different places in the world, they have to build homes on pillars, up off of the ground, because at certain times of the year, there is melting snow and a high possibility of flooding.  These pillars have to be strong.  They have to be made well.  Some people put wood under their homes to hold up the houses.  It works for a while, then eventually, the pillars rot and have to be replaced.  Other people put concrete pillars under their homes.  The concrete lasts much longer.

The Greeks built pillars to hold up the roofs of their temples centuries ago, and they STILL stand strong.

Can you imagine living in such a place and placing your home on only one pillar?  Over time, the house would sag and sink around the pillar.  The home would quickly be destroyed.  Two pillars?  It’s better than only one pillar, but still, over time, will be ineffective.  The people who have lived in such places have learned through experience that it is most helpful to have MANY pillars placed throughout the areas underneath their homes, to evenly distribute the weight, to properly support their home, and to keep the home up high enough to make sure it is never damaged or ruined.

We can liken these 7 areas of our lives to pillars that help us have a more balanced, valuable, beneficial, and enduring existence.  Adding to, or growing in these areas in our lives, adds to the pleasure, enjoyment, and abundance we experience in our lives.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Financial Independence
  3. Physical Health and Well-being
  4. Emotional Fortitude and Stability
  5. Educational Accomplishments
  6. Personal Relationships
  7. Social Relationships

We get out of life what we are willing to work hard at putting in to it.  That which we appreciate, APPRECIATES.  That which we focus on, intensely and consistently, tends to manifest itself, more and more prevalently, in our lives.

When we put work into each of these areas of our lives, we make sure the pillars are sturdy.  We make sure they are made of strong, lasting materials.  As we improve, up-level, and upgrade ourselves in these areas, it is like having a contractor come to our home and replace our few, wooden pillars, with many, sturdy, long-lasting, cement pillars.  We are able to be safe during floods, or the difficult, challenging times, which will surely come our way.  We are better equipped and more prepared to ground ourselves, stay calm, handle stress effectively, navigate extreme difficulties with ease, and think well under the pressures of life, instead of over-acting and scrambling to survive.

Our lives are what we make them.  We are in charge of creating our internal environment, which then becomes the external environments in which we live.  Our lives are 100% OUR responsibility.  It is not the job of others to save us.  We must learn to save ourselves.

We get out of life as much as we are willing to put in to it.  The smarter we work, the better we feel,  and the more we prepare and upgrade EVERY aspect of our lives, the greater the benefits and enjoyment.

The more difficult the struggle, the greater the reward.

We could go through this life with our fingers crossed and hoping for the best, hoping someone will see our needs and be kind enough to meet them so we won’t have to, or we could choose to intentionally create the life we want.  WE MUST BE INTENTIONAL.  We must learn to take care of ourselves and stop relying upon, and expecting others, to do for us what we can learn to do for ourselves.

Our lives, our futures, and our well-being is OUR responsibility. It is no one else’s.  No one else is to blame for our failures or our successes.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will own my power.  I will take charge of my mind, my thoughts, and my life.  I will decide how to work on my pillars in each of the 7 areas above for my own benefit, knowing that by doing so I will not only improve my own life, but the lives of everyone around me.  I will build my beautiful home on a solid, strong, set of pillars, keeping me and the ones I love safe during the floods of life.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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