December 14: Courage

When we choose to create an internal environment which our external environment will eventually catch up to and match, maintaining a high level of integrity by habitually and consistently choosing to remain honest, authentic, and true to ourselves, and when we choose to accept and love all others with real empathy, we empower ourselves.   We begin creating, transmitting, and projecting a more beautiful reality that EVERYONE enjoys.

It is through such actions we manifest into the world the best version of ourselves.  When we are focused enough to choose to do this every possible minute of every day, we manifest and create a higher level of vibrational energy within ourselves, and operate on a higher frequency.  It is through consistency in doing this that the outer, physical world begins to, and is naturally required to, change to match that internal vibration.  The vibrational energy levels at which we operate magnetize, are transmitted out into the universe, and attract all that is similarly magnetized back to us.  Through purposeful, intentional, consistent, intense focus, we constantly recreate our personal, physical realities.

I came across a recording which contained information on HOW TO FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME.  It was basically a daily checklist given to a group of wealthy people by Kevin Trudeau during a three day presentation that was recorded.  It is worth listening to and researching.  The recording was released to the public and is called, YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND.

What we focus upon and think about consistently, consistently grows, expands, and improves, and our physical, human lives improve as we do.  When we choose to be courageous enough to do this consistently, the world progressively becomes more beautiful, joyful, accepting, and completely full of light and love, because deep down, that is what we all are.

We are beauty.  We are joy.  We are acceptance.  We are love.  We are one.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Having a daily routine we intentionally, personally hand-craft and design, is an incredibly helpful, useful, effective, and powerfully empowering tool.  The book, THE COMPOUND EFFECT, by Darren Hardy, explains beautifully the many ways that the small, consistent things we do will add up over time, until they begin to behave as compounding interest, and grow exponentially.  When we place something within that routine which is a reminder of what we, personally, need to focus and re-focus on all day long is also helpful.  We can choose to periodically ask helpful re-focusing questions like, “What would I be doing right now if I really, truly loved myself?” or, “Is what I am thinking about, talking about, or doing, this second, going to help me accomplish what I want to accomplish today, and in three years from now?” One of my favorite questions I ask each morning is, “WHAT DO I WANT MORE OF, RIGHT NOW?”  I take a moment each morning to answer this question in my mind and refocus upon ONLY thoughts that will result in those answers.

We can experiment with everything, experience all that is possible, and find the things that work for us, then keep doing the things that move the needle and gain momentum in the right direction FOR US.  This naturally and easily results in leaving all that doesn’t work for us behind, as our focus is elsewhere and no longer feeds or energizes that which doesn’t work for us.

Clarity comes from questions.  What exactly do we really want?  When we are intentional about what we want out of life, and review it at the beginning of each day, our focus becomes more intense.  Practicing this on a regular, consistent, daily basis, we get better and better at it.  Confidence comes from consistency, repetition, and practice.  Progress equals happiness.  Therefore, happiness can come from continued practices, consistency, and repetition, and from getting better at anything.  WE GET TO CHOOSE WHAT THAT IS!

We were born with the innate, natural ability to practice being creators.  Each day we wake up, the reset button is pushed, and we are blessed with another opportunity to create and manifest!  What we create each moment of every day is entirely up to us.  The mood we create, the internal environment we choose to create and practice maintaining, the outer reality and life we create as a bi-product of the internal state we practice, and anything else we can think of or dream up-all of it is up to us.  In this way, we are in control of our own destiny.  Sure, there may be things we encounter throughout our day that we cannot control, and they may even distract us,  but why become fixated on those things when there are so many other things we can control in order to make our own world, and the worlds of those we love, more and more enjoyable, safe, prosperous, abundant, and beautiful?

The book, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, contains all the information necessary to get started creating, attracting, manifesting, and projecting the life of our dreams  I HIGHLY recommend getting this book and/or listening to the audio version!


Focus is everything.  There are so many possible distractions that will take our focus away from our creations, if we choose to let them.

We are in charge of our mindset, beliefs, habits, character, and personality.  We design and practice ALL of these things.  Instead of focusing on and concentrating on things we have no power or control over (other people, especially), I think it is important for each of us to remember to focus on and concentrate on things we do have power and control over, like our thoughts, our mood, our state, our health, our lives, and our futures.

Some of the most helpful advice I’ve ever encountered:  DON’T COMPLAIN.  CONTRIBUTE.

Today I will be courageous.  I will strive, throughout the entire day, to focus on that which I CAN do, instead of that which I cannot.  I will choose to only focus on what I DO want and what I DO love, appreciate, and enjoy.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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