December 15: Making Mastery Easy

When we work hard, and practice daily until we master one area of our lives, the discipline, habits, focus, hard work, and successes we experience and practice, builds our confidence and grows our soul.  Getting better at that one area of our lives makes us more.  The process builds us up and energizes us.   Consistently doing what lights us up empowers us and makes us consistently FEEL GOOD, which is the key to attracting and manifesting our greatest desires.  The key is to master, or strive to master, that one area of our life, on a consistent, daily basis. When we do, all of the discipline, habits, focus, hard work, habits, and success, spills over into all other areas of our lives.

We can start out slowly.  Baby steps are okay.  The Navy Seals say that slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.  As we slowly gain momentum and the difficulty naturally and easily becomes progressively LESS difficult through consistent repetition and practice, momentum is gained.

Slow and steady like a turtle can win the race between a tortoise and a hare, and the hare which is focused, determined, and has a good work ethic, and chooses not to rest until the race is won, will win even more quickly.  The choice is OURS.  The important thing is to always do our best, do whatever empowers us to FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME, find what works best for us, and stick to that.  We are 100% responsible for the daily, consistent recreation of The Self.

If you’re going to be addicted to anything, Personal Development is a great thing to be addicted to.

Daily, consistent growth is the key.  GOOD TODAY, BETTER TOMORROW.  We can make personal growth, change, and improvements easy.  Just working on one little thing will help us later to work on the other things with more discipline and skill, and with less effort and struggle.  Of course, by then, we will realize the value of our efforts and struggles, and will most likely choose to work at that level, anyway, accomplishing more and more as we go along.

It is through the compound effect that ANYTHING is possible.  This is explained magnificently by Darren Harday, in his book, THE COMPOUND EFFECT.

I believe that the most important area of life, the one area we should all work hardest at mastering, is our beliefs.  Once we have our mind right, it gets easier and easier to work on, and master, ALL of the other areas of our lives.  Once we have worked on our philosophies, beliefs, perceptions, and our mindsets, and have learned to master this one area of our lives, everything seems to magically fall into place.  We learn how to think, how important our thoughts are, and what to consistently focus on, in order to become what we actually want to become more and more of.  We become more empowered, stronger, more confident, more competent, and more capable.  We develop a mental toughness and a resilience that will be necessary, in order to be what we deserve to be.  It is true that we must EARN what we want.  We must deserve it to obtain it and KEEP it, no matter what IT is.

With mindset, the best place to start is gratitude.  Seeking out, finding, acknowledging, and CONSTANTLY SEEING the good in all things, literally re-wires the brain and constantly injects neuro-chemicals and hormones in accordance with the beauty we observe.  The neurons which fire together, wire together and strengthen.  The more we focus on gratitude and practice it, the stronger these bundles of neurons become, and the easier it is to see the good in even the “bad” situations or circumstances.  Gratitude alleviates stress, and injects “feel good” chemicals into our blood stream, healing us on a cellular level.  Making a time each day, as part of a routine or ritual, has absolutely been key in improving my own mindset, mental, emotional, and physical health, and my life.  It can do the same for anyone willing to give it a try, and keep practicing, until the consistency has become an easy-to-accomplish habit.


It has now been shown through numerous studies that our actual DNA is restructured in beneficial ways when we consistently think or talk on positive, empowering ways.

All things that we no longer choose to think about and focus on simply fall away, as those neural patterns starve from neglect, and the neurons are recruited by the bundles that are repeatedly being used.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will decide what small, easy task I can do daily and consistently to master my own mindset, and I will make sure that what I decide to do to help and empower myself is a part of my daily routine.  I will work hard towards mastery in this one area of my life, remembering that what I am becoming more of as I do this work will help me more easily master all other areas of my life.  I will use GRATITUDE as a part of my daily rituals and purposefully rewrite my brain to see things differently.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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