December 30: Wisdom

A stupid person never learns from their mistakes.

A smart person eventually learns from their mistakes and the consequences.

A wise person learns from observing the mistakes and consequences, results, and outcomes, that others experience.

Tony Robbins wisely teaches how we can compress decades of knowledge and wisdom into days:  Read or listen to a book!

Sometimes, the words on the pages of a book are results of decades of failures, experimentation, experiences, learning, and research, which have been compiled, written, and re-written many times, to become tools for us to use.  With and through these books, and through the wisdom of others, we can soon be highly successful at something the writer failed at miserably for years.

For example, I was first introduced to this idea through teachings by Jordan Peterson:  The human brain is very cardiovascularly demanding.

If we compromise and consistently feed and reconstruct the body’s cardio vascular function with poor choices, such as smoking, neglecting cardiovascular exercise, or consistent poor diet choices, our memory suffers, and we literally become less smart, by rebuilding our physical bodies in a less-optimal way.  Every bite we take is telling our bodies, on a cellular level, how to regenerate.  The quality of our dietary choices determine the quality of how our bodies heal.

A person in their 50’s, 60’s, or even their 90’s, can quickly and easily reverse these effects (through consistency and daily repetition), and literally get smarter simply by working out (walking) and eating better, in order to strengthen the cardio vascular system! 

When we are introduced to new, helpful, and empowering ideas, it can change not only OUR lives, but the lives of everyone around us, as well!

Is your memory suffering, or are your emotional, physical, spiritual, social,  or financial aspects of your life lacking in any way?  Do something about it!

It is never too late to improve, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement in us all.




During this next year, what are the three most important aspects of YOUR life that you want to improve upon?  How, EXACTLY, will you do that?  What is just one, new, daily, consistent, easy-to-accomplish habit you can practice, in order to re-focus on these three things each and every day?

Repetition begets MASTERY

What three areas of your life do you want to MASTER, this next year?  

Today I will choose to be observant and mindful of others, the mistakes they have made in the past, and the consequences they either suffered from, or benefited from.  I will choose to be wise and learn from the mistakes and the WISDOM of others.  I will list the three areas of my life I want to MASTER throughout this next year, and seek out the wisdom of others, through their content, to re-focus on and habitually level up my skills in these three areas of my life, each and every day.  I will revisit these three things daily, in some way, (an alarm on my phone, a paper on my bathroom mirror, etc.) in order to refocus, again and again, on THAT WHICH I DECIDE TO BE IMPORTANT for me, knowing that as I level up, I will be more valuable and useful to everyone around me.

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share this, and ANY message, which may empower someone you love or may care about.  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become wiser.

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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