Visualization Practice

This is an example of my own unique, personalized, daily visualization practice I try to end each day with, including questions I ask myself to remind me of what is important to focus on the next day, in order to be more of what I want to be:

Daily questions- (Create an excel spreadsheet with a weekly report card and graph.)

  1. How many times did you try to help someone who had no desire to be helped?
  2. Did you work out? (Walking, planks, stretching, weights, etc.)
  3. Did you write anything to improve the web site? (Add items to sell, create quotes to invite people to visit the website, add a community forum/chat group, make on-line mindset classes available, on-line life coaching sessions available, public speaking availabilities, etc.)
  4. Did you improve your mind? *You must exercise your brain just like a muscle. Use it or lose it.
  5. Did you compliment someone?
  6. Did you make $200 today?


Think about what your life will look like in 10 years if you answer yes to all of the questions above, every day.  Where will you live?  Who will you be?  What does your house look like?  What car are you driving?  Where will you travel?  Who will you be working with and helping the most?  What will you be doing to connect with and help others?  How much do you have to give?  What will you give?  What will be the 3 most important things to you?

See others coming to you for help, hope, empowerment, encouragement, and advice.  Connect with others on a deep, meaningful, spiritual level as you share love, kindness, and healing energy.  See the vibrational energies within you constantly, consistently growing and you share and give to others.

See your body healing rapidly.  Watch in awe as your body and mind heal exponentially more quickly.  See the energy flow and pulsate through your brain and body, healing and strengthening your mind.  With each breath in, healing energies flow through you in entirety.  With each breath out, you exhale all illness, weakness, sadness, and stress, until all you are exhaling is healing energies, which are quickly and efficiently spread towards others.

See the website gaining followers and sharers, exponentially.  See people awakened by the words they read, the things they hear, and the videos they watch.  Envision them engulfed in excitement as they are exposed to new, helpful, effective tools that will empower them to help themselves.  See yourself conversing with all of your mentors, sharing your story and what tools you have learned along the way to share with others to aid them in their own, self-healing routines and habits.

See your mind growing in strength, endurance, and connections, as you continue to research, read, write, and listen to wise, amazing, helpful, content-providers.  See the neurons fire together and wire together, grow together, and strengthen continuously and exponentially with each passing moment.  See your intelligence growing.  See your vocabulary expanding.  See your effectiveness grow and spread and help and empower more and more people.  See your knowledge growing, allowing you to help others more effectively and efficiently every day.  See this knowledge vibrate and pulsate as a growing energy which attracts more and more knowledge and which attracts more like-minded energies and more like-minded souls.

See yourself genuinely and honestly complementing others characteristics of beneficial value with ease and consistency.  See them paying it forward and doing the same.  See the light, love, and positive, healing energies created through this consistent practice.

Envision wealth.  See money being attracted to you.  What will you do with all that money?  Who will you help and how will you empower them with all that money?  See yourself buying and renting out section 8 housing to single parents.  See the happiness and smiles of the children being raised in safe, healthy environments.  See the tenants becoming inspired and motivated to improve and progress each and every day.  Envision their happiness spreading from their minds and into their lives as they plant gardens, paint picket fences out front and play in the nearby park.  See yourself purchasing entire neighborhoods to do this with.  See the happiness, joy, good health, and safety everyone enjoys.  See neighborhoods just like Sunshine Acres growing, expanding, lifting up the spirits of young ones as they grow up happy and healthy.  Enjoy the ever-growing vision of the love, generosity, gratitude, and giving spirit!

See millions of people expanding their minds and increasing their vibrational energies through your website each month.  See yourself giving to others, which then they also do as they make better choices, make more money, and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

See yourself remaining calm in every situation.  See your healing and energy growing always and forever.  Feel your body and mind and soul being energized continuously as you live a fulfilling, connected, amazing life of light and love.  Envision the smiling faces of your loved ones.

I am a pillar of strength.  I am grounded.  I am centered, always.  I am fit and wealthy in ALL areas of my life.  I am confident.  I am capable.  I am open, honest, and transparent.  I am highly intelligent.  I am consistent.  I am constantly being energized and I am constantly healing.  I am persistent.  I am respectfully defiant.  I question everything.  I am disciplined.  I learn quickly and remember everything.  I make important connections, which solidify in my mind immediately, to be shared as wisdom later at the perfect time for others to benefit the most from.  I am personally accountable and responsible.  I am an excellent communicator and entertainer.  I am in control of my mind and of my destiny.  I am a creator.


Here are pictures of the updated versions of this project, which I keep in the book I read before bed each night:


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