Wealth Blockers: Overcoming Self and Living a Life of True Wealth

Living a lifestyle of true wealth is a balancing act that can sometimes be difficult and challenging.  True wealth isn’t all about money.  It is much more involved and beautiful than that.  True wealth has to do with flow, balance, and clarity.

As we work hard to reinvent and recreate ourselves each day, it is important we keep an open mind and an open heart.

As we strive to create more actual wealth in our lives, sometimes we are blocked, deterred, distracted, and influenced by things which are counterproductive to our goals.  Can you think of any distractions, addictions, or deterrents you may currently be experiencing in your life which inhibit you from feeling, doing, and being more?

My granddaughter asked my wife a question one day about Chakras.  My wife immediately pulled up this enlightening, entertaining video on how to open Chakras from a scene from the cartoon, The Last Airbender:

What are some new skills you could acquire that would help you to open your own Chakras?  As we learn, practice, and habituate any new skill, we benefit from the results, becoming more of who we are meant to be and more capable of adding value to our lives and this world, while contributing to others.

This meat suit we inhabit is but a temporary blessing, given to us to be mastered and used as a tool.  The chemicals and hormones constantly flowing through our brains and bodies as they are produced by thoughts and nutrition we ingest that is used at a cellular level to be spread throughout our bodies instantly, are all within our control.

Through years of research and study, we are taught that we are only truly conscious, on average, 5% of the time.  Our subconscious takes over the other 95% of the time and our habituated reactions and emotions take over, as we run like a program on a computer, on auto pilot.  There are tools to use and practice such as meditation, breathing, healthy dietary choices of food and drink, and practiced focus, which will empower us to heighten the level of our capabilities and experience a life of awakening and consciousness.

The physical parts of us, the body, the brain, the organs, the skin-are all part of a large, well-put-together, energized, pulsating organism, which we have been given to inhabit temporarily and use to grow our souls and vibrate at a higher energy level.  As we learn to vibrate on a different plane, we are more of ourselves.  We contribute to others in even more meaningful ways.  We love more passionately.  We connect more deeply.  We enjoy all things more fully.  We live more fully.  We give more wisely.

Our time in this meat suit is limited.  It will end, though we never know exactly when.  Best we take full advantage of each moment and live each moment to the fullest.  What are some habits you have already created in order to live your life to the fullest each day?  What are some skills you could acquire and practice consistently, in order to habituate them, and vibrate at an even higher energy level than you currently enjoy?

We can always improve, change, grow, and evolve, no matter who we are or what we have already accomplished.


This Ted Talk revealing ancient secrets of a Master Healer, made me realize there is much I do not know or understand, which could be use as valuable tools.  It was incredibly helpful and insightful:

Breathing was never a focus of mine, until one day I thought I was experiencing a heart attack.  My wife rushed me to Urgent Care, where they put me through every test possible.  We anxiously awaited the results, which were soon shared with us:  The Doctor told me I had the man flu.  The Doctor and my wife laughed hysterically at this diagnosis.  (To see why, click here for the 2-minute video explaining the Man Flu.)  There was absolutely nothing wrong with me.  I was told by the Doctor that he rarely saw people as fit as me in his office.  It was determined that because of the stress at my new job, working with extremely small and frustrating parts, I was forgetting to breath.  I immediately dove deep into research on breath work.  I now use the same breathing techniques as the Navy Seals (Box Breathing method), and was fortunate enough to come across this Ted Talk during that time of research:

Things I have added to a daily routine, which has empowered me to live a much more beautiful, fulfilling, purpose-filled life:

This daily routine took me thousands of hours of research and over four years to adopt, implement, and habituate.  I began with just one thing, every month.  It was easy to do just one thing each morning.  By the end of the month, that one thing had become an ingrained, lasting habit.  It was no longer just easy-it was simply who I was.  At the beginning of each month, I added one more thing.  If, after a month it wasn’t useful, I stopped doing that one thing.  Experimentation is keyExperiencing new things is the best way to learn if they will be beneficial or detrimental to us.

There will come a point where you simply run out of time.  The key is to experiment with new habits, find the ones that empower YOU the most to focus on what YOU want for the day, and consistently do THAT.  Revisit some of the habits in a year or two.  If they don’t work for you now, that is okay, but a few years from now you will be a totally altered version of yourself, and those habits that used to be useless to you, may just be the missing puzzle piece you now need to fully optimize your life!

This daily routine will always be a work in progress, as I strive to create balance and an environment of healing, love, and true wealth in my life.  By practicing these things each day I am slowly becoming the man, father, and husband which will consistently and continuously add more value to the lives of those around me, and this is important to me because:

  • I deserve the best life I can possibly create and manifest.
  • My loved ones deserve every benefit I can give them by constantly and consistently being my very best self.
  • The more value we add to others, the more valuable we become.
  • I have messed up for most of my life and feel the need to make up for that time.  Our time is limited.
  • A life of importance is gauged only by the impact is has on other lives.

We are all a work in progress.  We always will be.  How quickly we progress and how hard we work is entirely up to us.

Here are a few videos which have empowered me with the knowledge, wisdom, and skill-sets that have truly improved my life and helped me create wealth:








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