December 4: Like Attracts Like

That which we appreciate,


We become what we think about.

That which we focus on tends to manifest itself more prevalently in our lives.

We get back what we give out.

While speaking with my youngest son he introduced a way of thinking I’ve never come across before.  His statement, “It just filters out,” made me think differently about something.  We were talking about how like attracts like.  Positive people attract other positive people.  Negative people attract other negative people.  Things which are not attracted to one another filter out as they are repelled from one another, or more actively involved in the process of being attracted to what IS like what they are.

It has now been proven, scientifically, that EVERYTHING is made up of energy.  In physics, we learn that when we smack a rock, the energy transfer can be measured for up to a few weeks later within the rock!  How interesting.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, who taught cellular biology at Harvard and Stanford Universities, explains how EVERY cell has an antennae on it, which transmits and receives information, allowing ONLY that which it is programmed to allow in, according to our thinking and feeling energies.  ALL things are connected, wirelessly, at a cellular level.

This might explain why someone we haven’t thought of in years reaches out to us within a few minutes of finally thinking about them.

We allow into our lives only that which we are willing to tolerate. Having healthy boundaries is tantamount to our success in this.  We will always get more of what we tolerate.  When we decide we are no longer willing to tolerate certain things or behaviors, we take the appropriate action necessary to stop it.

If a person is angry, an angry energy pulsates out into the world through everyone around him or her.  They can feel nothing but anger.  All they can focus on is their anger and rage, and every reason they have to be angry.  Anger is then attracted back to that person while they are in that state.  Everyone seems to respond to an angry person with anger.  Rage is met with rage.

If a person is focused on pain and suffering, they send out pain and suffering to the world and to those around them.  They can see nothing but pain.  All they can focus on is their pain.  Hurt people hurt people.  Those who are hurting tend to try to hurt others or control their emotions in a hurtful way.  They have the belief that if they are hurting that everyone else around them ought to be hurting, as well.  The happiness of others upsets them.  That energy is inevitably attracted back to them which can only result in even MORE pain and suffering, proving them correct.

Happy people tend to send out and give off the energies and healing powers of positivity, happiness, kindness, acceptance, empathy, joy, gratitude, compassion, understanding, and love.  All they can feel is happiness, regardless of what is transpiring all around them.  All they can focus on is happiness, and all of the reasons they have to be grateful and happy.  All they can see is beauty.  Their perspectives become habituated, and it is as if they have a filter installed that only allows them to see things a certain way.  If their positivity and happiness is deep-rooted and intensely focused on, the people who hate them for being happy will sometimes lash out at them.  For happy people, this action isn’t focused on, and they continue to be happy, knowing they cannot control others emotions or reactions, and that the reactions OTHERS have is more about THEM, and THEIR current emotional state.  Like attracts like, and like-minded people will be attracted to the feelings and energies that person is giving off and out to the world.

We all vibrate on a certain level of intense energy.  Some energies are more intense than others.  EVERYTHING is energy, and we MAGNETIZE this energy through FEELINGS.  I believe it is these magnetic frequencies and energies which are attracted to one another, or repelled from one another.

To those who are unhappy or in pain, I get it.  I spent the first 42 years of my life with a negative mindset, and many years in a deep, dark depression.  I hated myself and others, even though I didn’t want to.  I tried really hard not to hate and despise others, but I hated and despised myself so much that I really couldn’t help but hate and despise everyone else around me.  It was the filter through which I looked that only allowed me to see, feel, and project that which I was.  I despised anyone who had, “figured it out,” and seemed happy and alive, when I felt so incredibly dead inside.  I tried to kill myself on more than one occasion, in order to simply end the suffering I was feeling and feeding, but thankfully I failed at that right along with feeling like a failure at everything else in my life.  I spent more time complaining, condemning, criticizing, judging,  and coming up with excuses for why I was the way I was than I ever did being encouraging, kind, empathetic, helpful, compassionate, creative, understanding, and grateful.  I stayed closed off to learning anything new.  I compared my best self to the perceived weaknesses I saw in others constantly, rather than simply comparing myself to yesterday’s version of me.

It wan’t until I owned the fact that I was who I was because I chose it and I am 100% in control of my thoughts and mindset, that I was able to begin to improve, grow, progress, and evolve from that state of mind and living into what I am blessed to enjoy now.  When I realized that everything in my life was my fault and my responsibility, and I began to own it and take full responsibility for my own life, things really took a turn for the better.  I finally realized that I am in full control of my mind, and so by default, my feelings, personal growth and progression, and my life.  There are things happening all the time we can not control, but we can ALWAYS control how we choose to define and see these things.

WE ARE CREATORS, and we create our personal reality with every thought we think.




Sometimes, the people who are in the habit of criticizing others do so to feel important, better than, adequate, or validated.  Because they are incapable of controlling their own emotions, they try to control emotions and feelings of others, and by so doing, they feel more powerful and more in control.  They criticize others instead of taking a terrifying look inward.  Criticizing and judging others is a quick and easy, self-defeating habit we sometimes use to falsely build up ourselves and feed the ego.  It only shows a lack of self-control and a certain amount of weakness.  I still work on this weakness every day.

Sometimes we feel the energy of others so strongly and deeply that we want to get away from them because they are in such a mood that is so intensely opposite to our own that we feel incredibly uncomfortable.  When my son said, “It just filters out,” I got it.  The feelings, moods, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, actions, and words which we are drawn to are the things we focus on the most, and ALL ELSE, disappears, or filters out.

Depending on our beliefs, if someone speaks about something we don’t agree with, we may leave, seeking out someone who does.  I have found it useful, at times, to seek out opposing opinions that challenge mine, however, and seek to learn all I can from everyone.  Bias confirmation can be dangerous.

Depending on our mindset, if we feel inadequate around someone because we view than as “better than us” in some way, we tend not to spend time with that person.  I have, however, found it to be useful to question why I feel uncomfortable, and seek for opportunities of personal growth and expansion where I see it as necessary for me.

If we feel weak or “less than” around people that make and spend more money than us, we usually don’t hang out with them very often; however, it is well known that we become like those we spend the most time around, so if more money is a goal, seeking the discomfort that comes from feeling inadequate around those with an abundant mindset and a prosperous perspective in an effort to change and upgrade our own financial reality  is required.

The things we are choosing to focusing on are the things we are attracting into our lives.  If we are WIDE OPEN and intentionally in LEARNING MODE, when someone speaks about something we don’t understand or agree with, we listen to understand why they think what they do, rather than looking for people that think exactly as we do I order to validate and confirm our biases.  THIS RESULTS IN GROWTH AND CONNECTION.  When we see someone as “better than us” we seek to learn how they acquired the skills to attain that level so we can duplicate the process.  Rather than feeling inadequate, we feel CURIOUS.  When we see people prospering and wealthy, we spend time around them learning how to do the same.  Opening our hearts, minds, and souls to new possibilities, and habitually becoming comfortable with that which temporarily uncomfortable and different but IS GOOD, is a SURE way to expand and create more optimally.

Somewhere in our mind or soul or life energy, or whatever else you want to call it, I think there must be a filter that has been put into place to attract like energies, but also to make us unattractive to opposing energies.

The brain has such a device!  It is called, THE RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM, or RAS.

What will you spend the majority of your time focusing on today?  Will you create with your focus, or will you destroy, by NOT thinking about it and focusing on it, and allowing it to dissipate and filter out?  What will you FEED with your focus?  What will you activate with your attention?  What will you elevate with your energy?  What mindset do you want?  What kind of life do you want?

It is incredibly helpful to remember to be highly intentional about our mindset, first thing in the morning.  It is why I believe in the importance of a solid morning routine.

I tend to think of and focus on the same things to start my day because of how it helps me reprogram my own mind the way I want it to be programmed, and because of the science behind repetition.  Neurons that fire together wire together until they become unbreakable bonds of strong, thick, powerful cords of intertwined, interconnected neurons.

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches that the neurons which are no longer being actively used in thought processes that once were, are recruited to the new thoughts we ARE thinking, and the new things we are focusing on.  Eventually the OLD thought patterns, beliefs, habits, and ways of being die off, as all the neurons that used to keep these things alive have now been recruited to support the NEW thought patterns, beliefs, habits, and ways of being.  What valuable information!

Today I will remember how I think, what I think about, and what I say and do will attract the same, and most likely be unattractive to the opposite.  I will remember that I am in charge of my destiny, which manifests itself in accordance to my thoughts and what I choose to repeatedly focus on.  I will be intentional with my thoughts and focus, and continuously redirect them to what I WANT.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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