June 5: Family

Ever heard the term, “Blood is thicker than water”?

Well, I love and prefer the quote, “Blood may make us related, but loyalty makes us family.”

Some people have been blessed with great families and incredible family members that are CONSISTENTLY kind, loving, loyal, helpful, supportive, and strong.  Others have no blood-related relatives at all.

When my son became a Marine, it was explained to us that he gained a whole new family.  They explained at his graduation that we, as his family, also gained those new family members.  Family isn’t always blood.  Sometimes our closest family members aren’t related to us at all.

At his graduation from boot camp, I loved the energy, happiness, elation, and pride that was present in us all.  Thousands of us were connected that day through these things as we were all reunited with children we hadn’t seen or heard from in months.  It was the same feeling when our youngest son graduated from a six month US Army training program after no communication  the entire time.

We are ALL family here on this earth, really.  Go back far enough, and many of us are closely related.  We are all connected in some way.  We are all ONE.

Today I will remember I am a part of a larger family, and I will play the part as best I can of a kind, loving, loyal, helpful, supportive, and strong family member.  I will remember to always strive to be the best family member I can possibly be.

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