June 6: Give to EMPOWER others

Rather than doing everything we can to help others, I believe it is FAR more beneficial to arm others with the skills, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, love, support, and experience for them to help themselves.

We can choose to give others what they WANT, or we can choose to empower them with what they NEED, in order for them to create the most incredible, beautiful, and amazing lives that they possibly can for themselves.

Helping those who are trying and helping themselves by doing all they are capable of perpetuates the momentum and can be truly helpful.

Sometimes when we give money, time, energy, or things to others, we do more harm than good, without really realizing it or meaning to.  It is absolutely important to give to and help others!  I think it is useful to can be WISE in our giving, however.

By giving too much to our children without requiring them to earn it, work for it, or acquire the skills necessary to learn to create it for themselves, we rob them of the importance of the lessons, the struggles, the character, strength, the skills, the intelligence, the experience, and the growth that comes with them.  We enable them and reinforce instant gratification, rather than EMPOWERING them with opportunities of experience and learning.  Acquiring the skill of deferred gratification and not needing things to always be a certain way is useful.

Giving “spare change” to someone on the streets may actually result in reinforcing within them the belief that they don’t have to work for their next high or bottle or meal.  They may start expecting others to take care of them, and when they don’t get what they want, they can become belligerent, resentful, and manipulative; however, we may help and empower them by giving them energy through kindness with JUST what they truly NEED to do what is necessary to survive long enough to turn things around for themselves, FOREVER.  We don’t know their situation or circumstances, but we DO know that kindness begets kindness, and love begets love.  I have found it useful to practice listening to and following my gut instincts, or my intuition, when it comes to giving.

When we give to empower others to HELP THEMSELVES, it reinforces good behaviors, decision making, and enables others to create  better circumstances or a better life for them self.  We can be wise when we give so that it is effective and empowering, but more importantly than being wise about what and when to give, is to pay attention to our gut instincts and our intuition, and act upon them IMMEDIATELY, in kindness and in love.  When we listen to that inner voice we all have, it becomes louder and more frequent.

The act of giving is ALWAYS a gift.


Today I will think about the ways I give to help others.  I will do one thing today for someone else that I feel will be effectively helpful and useful to them.

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