December 5: Don’t Complain-CONTRIBUTE!

What we focus on matters a great deal.  What and how we contribute depends upon what we focus on.

When I made it a habit to practice  gratitude each morning, by repeatedly thinking about every, possible thing I was thankful for each morning, every time I climbed into the shower, my days began to change and improve.  I became a more positive person.  It became natural and easy for me (after months of implementing this habit) to see the good in my day, in my life, and in my world.

Practicing gratitude first thing in the morning has primed my brain for success and enjoyment for the entire rest of the day.

The RAS is programmed to seek out more of what we think about and focus on the most.  ONLY FOCUSING ON WHAT WE WANT MORE OF IS THE WAY TO GET IT.  Distractions take the creative energy necessary to project and manifest what we want.  Beware distractions.  FEED YOUR FOCUS.  STARVE YOUR DISTRACTIONS.

This habitual gratitude practice I adopted was like installing a filter between the world and my mind which only allowed positivity, joy, strength, healing energy, love, kindness, acceptance, empathy, and abundance of every kind, into my mind.  The content I allowed into my mind changed and improved.  I, in turn, changed and improved.  So, therefore, did my life., because WE ARE THE PROJECTORS OF OUR PERSONAL REALITIES.  As within, so without.  The things I began to attract into my life, and deflect out of my life, changed and improved.  I no longer chose to focus on the same old things.  Instead of complaining, I began to contribute.

I began to contribute to my own personal learning, growing, improving, and expansion.  I began to contribute to my relationship with my wife in more communicative and expanded ways.  I tried new things I learned about from others who were successful at the things I wanted to be successful at.  Through watching videos, reading books, listening to podcasts, and having discussions with those who were successful and happy in their relationships, I began to learn how to get better at these things.

  As I began to contribute to bettering my financial situation, I realized I had options and choices and that I could be in control of my future and my destiny, if I chose to be in control.  I began to contribute more as a father and I began a journey with my sons that would last a lifetime, and that would have a lasting impact with positive results on not just them, but everyone in their lives as well.

I began to contribute more towards my friendships, connections, and every interaction, which, in turn, began to flourish and grow.  All of these things were like a garden which was getting more attention.  I picked the weeds, I watered the plants, and the fruit began to come in more and more abundantly.

I no longer complained or came up with excuses as to why my life was the way it was.  I no longer chose to be a victim.  I began each day with intent.  I started each day with gratitude and each day became better and better.  This ONE habitual practice empowered me during the first part of my day.  It was a way to stack the odds in my favor for the entire rest of the day, and it really worked!


I have found that the most efficient way to become a contributor is to practice gratitude.  


I stopped complaining and I started contributing.  It has worked miracles in my life, and it can do the same for anyone else, as well.  Isn’t it at least worth a try?  It takes repetition and consistency to create a habit.  Visualizing the things we are grateful for is easy and fun.  The magic and the science behind it is real.

My challenge to everyone is this:  Try gratitude out for yourself for just one month, each and every day, and see what it does for you.  First thing, each morning, create a list of everything there is in your own, personal life to be grateful for.  It doesn’t need to be a written list, it can be a mental list.  It can be completed in the mind as you prepare for your day.  Set a reminder on your phone, RIGHT NOW, and see if magic isn’t immediately introduced to your life.

Change your focus=Change your mind=Change your life.

Today, if I haven’t already, I will make gratitude the first thing on my list of things to do, or add it to my daily routine.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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    1. Thank YOU. I agree with you 100%. I see you are a life coach. Would you be interested in responding to the INTERVIEWS section of this website. I would love to know more about what you do and I’m sure others would, as well! 😊👍

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