Before 2014 I spent 15 years in a deep, dark, unmanageable depression, during which I wanted to die, every day.  I attempted suicide multiple times, but thankfully never could actually pull the trigger all the way, take quite enough pills, or cut just deeply enough.

My three sons, and the thought of the legacy I would leave for them to live in the dark shadow of, kept me from this horrible act.  They are literally the reason I am still alive today to enjoy the life I had to learn how to work so very hard to create.
This creation, I realize now, is a life-long process.  I am so grateful I had big enough reasons to push through those truly dark times, and have made it my life mission to reach as many as I can with this message:
You are not alone.  You are perfect the way you are and you can do and be more.  You, no matter who you are or what you have done so far, are not so different from everyone else that you cannot connect in some meaningful, valuable, way. Anything you want is available to you, once you learn how to better access the greatness within you
Bad times don’t last.
I invite you to read my story by clicking here.
Click on the menu to navigate through the website to access tips, tools, tricks, and strategies to more effectively navigate the extreme challenges and difficulties of life.  Maybe you don’t need them, but sometime in our lives there will come a day when we will want to have these tools in our toolbox to help someone else.  Having elegant, useable answers readily available when my kids, friends, and family members ask the harder questions has empowered me and them to create a more beautiful life.
The tools learned here have the potential to add value and benefit to the life of anyone, but especially to those of us who sometimes struggle with feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, depression, self-hatred, or the feeling that we don’t deserve a better life than the one we are currently living.  These tools are also especially helpful for anyone who has been diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any other mental disorder or disease.
Please share anything within this website you think may possibly help anyone else.  The more value we add to others, the more valuable we become. ❤️🙏

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