January 19: We Always Find What We Are Looking For

I absolutely love the statement, WHEN YOU FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT, EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS AWAY.  For me, that has been the key to my own personal healing.  When I made the decision to spend ALL of my energy and time focusing on WHAT I WANT, instead of what I didn’t want, something magical happened.

EVERYTHING I wanted began to show up more often in my life.  It began to be the only thing I could see.  Sure, the reality may be that the things I DIDN’T want were still existing, but they were no longer in my mind, a part of my conversations, or a part of my life.  I simply no longer had the time, space, energy, or attention for them.  It quickly became obvious to me that the MAJOR key to creating the EXACT inner AND outer worlds of my dreams, and optimizing my life in every way for pleasure and enjoyment, was FOCUS.

Our brains are made to only see and seek out more of that which we focus on and think about.  Knowing this is incredibly powerful and when we use this as a tool to ONLY THINK ABOUT WHAT WE WANT MORE OF, that is exactly what happens.

We can choose to be mindful of our thoughts and conversations, and if the topics aren’t in alignment with what we want to experience MORE of in life, we can choose to refocus!

What are you focused on?  What is it that you choose to think about all day long?  Whatever it is, you will be getting more of that in your life.  That which we choose to focus on is ENTIRELY UP TO US, and that which we focus upon, think about, and talk about the most tends to manifest itself more and more prevalently in our daily lives.

Each day, due to GENIUS marketing strategies now implemented and used, as a result of DECADES of research on human psychology and behaviors, we are now BOMBARDED with deceptive, tricky, and highly impactful marketing strategies, all with the purpose of programming us to feel like we are lacking something, and the only way to feel WHOLE and COMPLETE again, is to buy a product.  REFOCUS.  If we choose to allow the distractions in, we are no longer focusing on what WE want.  REFOCUS.

In the INCREDIBLE book, THE RISE OF SUPERMAN, by Steven Kotler, he describes, “Flow Triggers.”  They are a list of things, which when practiced, guarantee most individuals will immediately enter a state of flow, which is a blissful state of relaxed, easy, HIGHLY impactful effort.

I’d like to suggest the idea of, “FOCUS TRIGGERS.”  This is a list of things, which when practiced and consistently repeated, will guarantee most individuals will enter into a state of focus.  When we are in a state of focus, we are in a CREATIVE state, which will absolutely contribute in positive ways to not only OUR lives, but the lives of those we love, and the lives of GENERATIONS to come.

To learn more about these FOCUS TRIGGERS, type this into the google search engine:

Wealth Blockers:  Overcoming Self and Living a Life of True Wealth

OR, to learn more about these Focus Triggers, please see my article about WEALTH BLOCKERS by clicking here, or go to goodinthehead.com, click on Good In The Head Blog, and then click on Wealth Blockers.

There are things we can learn to do which will trigger us to re-focus on that which we WANT to be focused on throughout most days, which are filled with distractions.  We can literally reprogram our minds to think, react, and behave differently, according to these strategic focus triggers we consistently, repeatedly, and purposefully implement into our daily routines.

Seek and ye shall find.  Whatever it is we are looking for, if we focus on it hard and long enough, we will find.  It will be the only thing we can think about, talk about, and be about.

Today I will be mindful of what I am focused on, and remember that more of THAT will be showing up in my life if I am focused on it consistently.

One of the most beautiful pieces of content I have come across has been a short presentation given by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, during a yoga retreat.  It was entitled, SELF OVER SITUATION.  It has helped me to REFOCUS, when needed.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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