January 23: Act As If

Have you ever heard the term, “Fake it til you make it”?

Sometimes, we all have to fake it til we make it. Something I like to do is Act As If.  I act as if I am already the person I want to be.

When we can visualize ourselves, 10 years from now, and CONSISTENTLY envision our greatest, most beautiful life we can imagine, and do it in EXACT DETAIL, then live today as if that reality is in the hear and now, magical things begin to happen in our lives.


CONSISTENCY creates a conversion and a convergence of circumstances that will serve and save us.  It will seem as though everything is unfolding magically, the stars are aligning, and we are just super lucky, but the reality is this:  When we are predictable, dependable, and reliable, through our consistency in thought, word, and action, and we do this at the highest level we can at all times, the Universe, as a co-conspirator, and a co-creator, is empowered to do so much more for us!  It gives us what we NEED, rather than what we want, and the Universe’s idea of what we need is SO much more incredible than ANY vision we could EVER have of what WE want.  We are limited by our imagination, thoughts, and vision, but the Universe is ever-expansive, and all-knowing, full of wisdom and love, wanting for us FAR MORE than we could ever imagine wanting for ourselves in this human form.

At work, I try to act as if the head of the company is right there with me all day long. I work as if the big boss was actually there.  I speak and act as if that person were right beside me. I behave in the most professional manner I possibly can and I do it every day until it becomes a habit.

At home I act as if I am the most thoughtful, kind, loving and patient father, grandfather, and husband I could ever be.  WHEN WE CONSISTENTLY DO OUR BEST, OUR BEST CONSISTENTLY BECOMES BETTER.


I like to decide upon a clear idea of what I think my idea of the perfect parent would have treated me like when I was a child and I act as if I am that parent.

I decide upon a clear idea of what I think the perfect husband would think like, behave like, and do for his wife.  I work hard to live up to my ideals and my standards and my ideas of that man.  Sometimes I ask for advice or feedback from my wife.  Trust me, guys, your wife will have feedback on what she thinks a perfect man is, but it is so important to live up to your ideas and to change or improve them as you see fit.  It is about becoming your best, not her idea of your best-BUT HONEST, LOVING FEEDBACK FEOM A SPOUSE IS THE BEST FEEDBACK WE WILL EVER RECEIVE AS HUSBANDS!

Over time, done consistently, acting AS IF becomes easier. It becomes a habitual way of being, and life becomes a game we play a role in that we decide upon.  Life becomes FUN, instead of challenging.  Envision the best possible version of yourself. What is that version of you like at work? At home? Driving in the car?  In a stressful situation?

Now imagine what the Universe wants and has in store for you, and magnify your vision by ten million.

This can be fun.  Try it out.  When we habitually act AS IF for long enough, it becomes our reality.

Today I will think about my vision for myself and who I want to expand into and be in the next ten years.  I will act as if I am already what I envision to be.  I will behave and act as if I am already the best possible version of myself.  I will step into the creation of a beautiful future and let go of ALL my past stories.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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