January 24: Deserve It

Only WE can honestly answer this question for ourselves:  Am I thinking exactly what and how I need to be thinking, and am I doing exactly what I need to be doing, to be deserving of exactly what I want?

Some of us just don’t want to do the work-and that’s okay!  We want everything to be easy and to come to us easily.  I know I do!  The problem is, it sometimes just doesn’t work that way.

Many times we may lack clarity about exactly what we want.  We are easily distracted, and that which requires our energy and attention never gets what it needs to manifest.

If we are truly focused, concentrated, and consistent about what it is we want in detail, we will truly become exactly who and what we need to be to align with and obtain anything we may desire.  We will think about it, talk about it, upgrade our self-narrative, upgrade our beliefs, up-level our skills, and do ALL of the things required of us to do, in order to deserve it, earn it, and keep it.  It’s coming, as long as we keep at it with intention and focus.

What is it YOU want in life?  A better or more fulfilling relationship?  A stronger emotional state and mindset?  A healthier body?  More money?  To travel more?

We can be, do, or have ANYTHING we want in this life.  We all deserve the best life has to offer.  This Universe is full of abundance and has been designed from the beginning to constantly conspire on our behalf.  When we earn something, and do the work required to align with and deserve it, WE WILL HAVE IT.

I was recently speaking with a good friend, Clint Booth.  He said, “Isn’t it interesting when we self-sabotage?  All that is happening is what it is because we can only operate at the level at which we believe we are worthy and deserving of, that when something comes along that isn’t in alignment with how we feel about ourselves, we create the circumstances, situations, problems, and drama, that will ensure those things quickly leave our lives, thereby perpetuating and strengthening that belief.”

Today I will make a list of EXACTLY what I want, in EVERY area of life.  I will be as detailed as possible.  I will focus on thinking about, believing, and doing what I need to, in order to know I deserve what I want. 

This short YouTube content contains the most important teachings from Ram Dass that I have so far encountered.  It is entitled, HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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