Jesse Elder

Jesse Elder

I was recently made aware of this man and his teaching, ideas, and useful tools.  I have been consuming as much of his content as I can.  I am wondering if anyone else has opinions, thoughts, and inspired ideas that were sparked while hearing his content for the first time.  I am going to share what I thought of as possible new, useful beliefs to use as a springboard up to a higher level of consciousness and living.  I would absolutely love any feedback about his teachings and what I wrote down.  Opposing views are welcomed and appreciated.  I’ve found those views to be the most useful, at times.  Thank you!  Here is some of the content I listened to, if anyone is interested:

He has many three and four-minute videos that are worth watching, as well.

Here are some of the things I thought of while listening to some of his content:

-Our inner, divine light is waiting to be realized, remembered and accessed.  It is waiting to be fed, nurtured, and fueled, so that it can be more of what it is-a useful fire within that is a tool to enhance and optimize EVERYTHING about our existence during this life experience. 

-Is this life a simulation or a program being run?  Is this body I inhabit a simulator?

-Inner enlightenment, without an immediate or eventual OUTER expression, isn’t true or useful enlightenment.  Try something else.  Keep experimenting.

-DO MORE TO BE MORE may be bullshit.  Realize that already perfect, whole, capable self that is deep within, discover how to more fully access the divine seed within, and just BE.  Everything will then naturally, effortlessly, and easily fall into place, the best way it possibly can, exactly as it is meant to.

-No need to focus energy on ELIMINATING things from our lives, like beliefs, habits, people, things, etc.  Simply REPLACE them, through the law of displacement, and focus ALL of your energy, attention, and thoughts on EXACTLY what you want and desire for GREATER CONTRIBUTION.

-We are not taught ANYTHING.  We do not LEARN anything.  We are REMEMBERING the things we perceive that we are learning.  All we can do for others is help them remember what they already know.  All we need is already within us.  All we want is already within us.  The divine spark that is awaiting our rediscovery and remembrance contains ALL, already.  We all come from the same perfect, whole, complete Source. 

-A thought that is consistently repeated finds footing, gains traction, picks up speed and momentum, then generates an electromagnetic energy that manifests itself as a progressively higher frequency.  This higher frequency, when repeated frequently, manifests itself in the physical realm.  It becomes a belief, then a spoken word, then an action.  Once the action is repeated and practiced, it becomes an repetitive hormonal and chemical dump, and then a chemical pattern.  This pattern becomes a useful, beneficial, automated addiction, and then it becomes a habit, then a characteristic, and eventually a personality trait.  This personality trait, when repeated and practiced consistently, pulsates at an even higher frequency, and aligns with the higher frequency the Universe has been awaiting for us to align with, in order to physically manifest synchronized happenings in our lives through people, circumstances, things, wealth, healing, and all things we could ever want or need. 

-We can literally program these physical bodies to automatically respond to ANYTHING we consciously choose to focus our energy, focus, and repetitive, habitual routines to.  We can use the senses to ANCHOR, or be used as TRIGGER POINTS, to automate the body, then use all the conscious efforts, focus, and energy we no longer need for these automations to create and contribute on a much higher level.  Research NLP more extensively.  Decide what you want automated.

-It’s not about creating the NEW you, as much as it is about remembering and accessing the REAL you, and what you already ARE.  Deity, wrapped up in a conglomeration of cells, given amnesia, and limitless opportunities for practicing the art of creation.  Once you are awakened to this, it is time to learn how to program and use this body  for what it is meant for:  A TOOL to contribute progressively more in the physical realm, while BEING the perfect masterpiece you already are, at all times, by doing your best at all times.  Our best, when consistently practiced, consistently becomes better.  Just like ALL things, this is a learnable, practicable skill.  The physical body, and all that it is, is for expression and contribution.

-An AWAKENING is like a reset, or a reboot.  If we are likened unto a computer, what hardware would we be?  The hard drive?  The RAMM?  The microprocessor?  What are ALL possible analogies between the body, mind, and spirit, and a computer?  Hardware and software upgrades?

-“There are no problems, only PUZZLES.” -Jesse Elder

-Lean into that which energizes you, and avoid or flee from that which sucks the energy from you.

-“Life offers us such a RICH SPECTRUM of experiences.” -Jesse Elder

-For YEARS, I have held space for the belief that I need more time, or that I need more money.  I thought I had to make up for time that was, “lost,” while I was busy learning things the, “hard way.”  My needs are met.  ALL of them.  Everything has unfolded EXACTLY the PERFECT way for me.  It was all meant to be as it was.  ALL things happened in my best interest.  There was no lost time.  I have nothing to make up for.  All that happened, happened so that I would BE in THIS EXACT moment, EXACTLY as I AM.

-Get comfortable with the feelings that accompany change and growth, or you will spend all of your existence fleeing from those feelings.  Instead of fleeing, FEEL, BE, and progress, grow, and evolve, as we are all meant to.

-STOP LOOKING FOR WHAT IS TRUE, AND START LOOKING FOR WHAT IS USEFUL!!!  We can adopt ANY truth (belief) to create the reality we want.  Go with what is MOST useful:  TOOLS that have worked for others.  Find someone who has created something similar to what you envision your dream existence to be like, and experiment with what they have experimented with.

-Learn to pierce time and go forward to who you are.  Get your own advice and move forward with it.  Meditation?

A few of these ideas seem out there, but the conversations I listened to sparked these ideas within me.  Let me know what you think!  I eagerly await your feedback on any or all of these ideas, as well as any more you may wish to share.

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