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These are the answers for the questions from the goodinthehead interview, given by my good friend, Kingsley Osajie.  No we have not yet connected in person; however, I feel connected to this man, and consider it an honor to call him a friend.  He has the mind of a King, and so I find his name fitting.  I hope you get as much as I did from these incredible contributions, found between the lines of his well-thought-out answers.

Until we know EXACTLY what we want,k we can’t start working towards it, and it can’t yet begin to be attracted to us.  If we can see it, we can BE it.  Regard the clarity of Kingsley’s answers, and don’t be surprised when all he wants and desires is soon a reality!

My most RECENT email from Kingsley has to be shared, as he has just published his first children’s book!  Here is the link to a short YouTube video with a book description.

Here is a link with another interview he is featured in, given by Hardy publications:

Can I get an outline, or a short biography of your life, with which I can introduce you? (A brief history of your family of origin, where and how you grew up, what your mother and father and siblings were like.)

Kingsley Osajie: Family of Origin and Biography


My father and mother are from Delta State, Nigeria. We are Nigerians. My father’s name is Richard and my mother’s name is Anna. Father was a lorry driver and mother worked in a petrol station as an attendant. My father is dead. I have two eldest siblings: a boy and a girl (Maureen and Bright). My name is Kingsley. I am the last child of my parents. My parents and siblings are loving, supportive and benign.

What is your current age? What year were you born and where have you lived?

I am 29. I was born in 1990 in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. I have been living in Nigeria since I was born.

What were the most important things you learned during your childhood and earlier years that helped you later in life?

The first thing I learned in my childhood is self-reliance. My mother always taught me to be strong and independent. Though on my own I have self-reliant spirit; but her words helped to ingrain it in my subconscious mind. I can remember when I was in high school; during the holiday I took up a petty job so that I can make money for myself. Even if I am the last child; it does not make me feel lazy and dependent. Self-reliance and industriousness are things that have become part of my essence and hallmark. Unflinchingly, these life skills have helped me to become a better person—inculcating the spirit of responsibility into me. When I was in college, I worked part time to support myself too.

What were some challenges or disabilities you experienced and what did you gain or benefit from living with and through these?


I did not have any disability. The only challenges I had was delays in living my dreams. I planned to launch into my limelight at 22 or 23; but it did not happen that way. I began pursuing my writing career at 18. From high school I was writing stories and poems. I have always been the boy with the gut and wannabe; but the resistance, twist and turns and hurdles kept me waiting.

What I gained as a lesson from these challenges were that we are here on earth to learn, grow, heal, share our gifts and ultimately transcend into Higher Realms. Those resistances helped me in knowing where I am coming from; working on myself and it really opened my eyes to get a better understanding about life! And yes, I learnt Divine Timing. As Sarah Prout so eloquently puts it “manifestations unfold in perfect Divine timing. Everything is in God’s clock.”

 What are the practices which you have implemented into your life, which are difficult that have built credibility with yourself and improved your self-esteem?

 The practice of self-love and superiority complex are things I don’t joke with! They are an INTEGRAL part of me! I have a tough mind. No, you cannot tame me because I AM POSITIVELY REBELLIOUS, untrammeled, quirky and maverick. Yes, I have been implementing these practices and maintaining them. What I tell folks is “we teach people how to treat us.” This is not an easy thing to do. Because it will make you look like a black sheep. But I can guarantee you that when you manifest these energies; you become charismatic—people will respect you and that is when you know that you are WORTHY. No ONE is better than YOU. We are all unique. For example, right from my childhood to date; I intuitively have this attitude of high self-esteem. I DO NOT belittle myself, people-please or grovel at all. Even if I did not come from an affluent family; I do not let that make me feel inferior or unfortunate at all.

I also practice gratitude. At first, it did not make sense to me. It was not easy in the beginning; but I later learnt that a grateful mind is a magnet for miracles. To quote Kathryn Speakes Large in The Power of Gratitude; “Gratitude is a powerful expression of emotion that set the Universe into action at the highest frequency of love. Focusing on that which one is grateful for initiates the release and flow of receipt of your highest good in miraculous way.” I think I agree with that. That is why no matter what is showing up in my reality; I always give thanks to the Universe because It is all-knowing.

What were your biggest failures/mistakes in life, and what did you learn from them?

I do not have any mistakes in life because I know my onion. The only failure I have had was not being able to get my books published and start living my dreams. But there is a reason for the delay. What I learnt from these failures is resiliency and perseverance.

Where is your favorite place you have ever been and why?

I love being in the company of masterminds, friends, and mentors.  I really love the mojo and camaraderie of likeminded people. I would not trade it for anything!  You are who you associate with! On the other hand, the favorite place I love to be is the river! My mom always told me that when I was a child, I was fond of water. That no matter the amount of water she bathed me with; I would go back to the bathing tub; poking fun and splashing myself with water. I dismissed it as a cliché; but as I began to grow up—I began to have this “pull” for the water world. Think of it, there is absolutely nothing you can do without water! In the Lakota way of prayer; “mni wiconi” they said (meaning water is life)—and that’s true! Guess what, I am writing a book about Mermaid. I think I carry that energy (if you say I am a Merman; then you are right!)

I love the Water World!

What is your educational background?

I have a College degree in Political Science/Social Studies.

What jobs/employment have you had? Which was the most fulfilling and why?

Well, I have had some jobs. To wit:  I have worked in a Café as a computer operator, I have worked as a secretary and I have worked as a teacher.

When you feel frustrated, angry, or out of control, what do you do to quickly and effectively return to your baseline emotion? (How do you, “Self-soothe”?)


Before I answer this, let me say that when you are able to guide your energy you become a very powerful “manifestor” (allow me the liberty to use that word! Lols!!). When I find myself in a lower vibrational state; I employ -mindfulness. Mindfulness is an art I am becoming more aligned with. It certainly will not make you perfect; but it can create harmony, balance, soundness of mind, peace and amp up your mojo and camaraderie—ultimately making you wiser and a good person—giving you a good life. Honestly, I am not limited to mindfulness only.

Most times, I go for a healing bath in the river. And that raises my vibration. For example, I found myself in a cranky mood sometime ago; I took a walk to the river. After my healing bathe in the river; I felt refreshed and I found myself back in higher vibrations!

If you were to believe in the idea of PRONOIA, and believed that the Universe has conspired on your behalf, EACH AND EVERY MOMENT of your entire life, what moments would prove this belief to be true?


I can say every moment of my life. The fact is that the Universe is always working for us. Sometimes, something might be seeming wrong—and yet it is getting better. I can refer to my college days; because despite the difficulties and challenges I had; I was able to graduate successfully. Plus, I am making a comeback to my writing career; because I have picked up my pen and started writing again. I have been on an “involuntary hiatus.” Yes, the Universe ALWAYS has my back!




What is a long-lasting, sustainable contribution you would like to make that lasts long after you are gone, and who do you want it to affect?


I love to see mankind raise their consciousness because a mind stretched by new knowledge can never go back to its prior form. It is my heartfelt desire to see people step into the fire of self-discovery and sprout the life they love. “As Mooji so eloquently puts it, “step into the fire of self-discovery, this fire will not burn you. It will only burn what you are not.”  And this I am doing by my writing—though my books are unpublished. I also have a group on Facebook. It is called Kingsley Cares For You! In addition to this, I also love to follow the example of what Mother Theresa has done and achieved.

What are the principles and core beliefs you base your decisions and your life upon?

One of my core beliefs is that I AM POSSIBLE! I also have this core belief that life is a game of boomerangs. It is my principle to be doing unto others what I love to be done to me.


Are there any principles or core beliefs that you altered/improved over the years, as you grew, progressed, and improved? (Old beliefs that didn’t serve you/were harmful vs. New beliefs which benefited you and those around you a great deal.)


Yes! I used to have the belief that for you to become successful in life you must come from an affluent family. And again, I used to think that it is not possible for you to have your desires effortlessly or in a platter of gold! I used to have this belief that you must struggle or suffer before you can manifest your dreams. Unknowingly; this belief was creating some energetic resistance for me. Eventually, I realized that our beliefs create our reality because life follows our thoughts and beliefs. And what is a belief? A belief is an idea in your mind! Thoughts becomes things—everything around came into reality as a result of “thought.” But as I began to have my spiritual awakening and personal development; I realized that these beliefs were very wrong belief! And I changed it. As the beautiful ethereal singing Irish singer (Enya) said, “only if you want to; you can have your way. Only if you want to, you can cease the day.” Dolly Parton also said it well “one is only poor only if they choose to be.” These statements were the things that propelled me to start changing my beliefs. As I progressed, I learnt a better new belief which I always harp to people “life is not about being a martyr or working your fingers to the bone. It is about being grateful, abundant and happy. The Universe can work from the place of joy and comfort.

I encourage everyone to change their thoughts. Think positive. Any thought or belief that will not create a good reality for you is not true for you and it need not be true for you and you don’t have to accept it as true.

Do you have a morning routine which you adhere to in order to, “Prime your pump,” and empower yourself to be a better, more grounded, centered, focused version of yourself for the day?


Oh yes! I wake up at 5:00am and spend ten minutes in my sacred place in my room. To meet up with my timing; I set my alarm to be few minutes before 5:00am so that before I finish “booting” (lols!!) it would be 5:00am. Then I spark conversation with the Divine by meditation, mindfulness, affirmations and gratitude. Thereafter, I dress my bed, sweep my room and make sure my stuffs are well arranged. I love organizing and tidying up my room. And it has become habitual to me.

The next thing will be taking my bath, breakfast and I am set for the day. I love to put a crystal in my pocket to help me hold a high vibration as well.

What are your favorite 3 quotes and why?


One of my all-time favorite quote is the words of this beautiful African Diva (Brenda Fassie) “Ngumuntu gabantu.” That is a Zulu word that means “a person is a person through another person.” And that is true because NO MATTER the talent you have; someone must hold the “ladder” for you. No man is an Island! NO MATTER what you desire to achieve in this life; the Universe will give it to you using a person, a human being!

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (Sage of Concord). This quote encourages me to be curious. And I can say that curiosity is the mother of invention. I am an Alchemist of Transformation because I seek to know and learn new things to combine with the ones I have already known. For example, you don’t cook a soup with ONLY ONE ingredient (you know what I mean)

“The most important day in your life is the day you were born and the day you know why.” Lisa Nichols. Many people are just existing and not living. It is important to know your purpose of choosing to come and play this “Earth Game.” What are you known for? What talents do you have? When you know your purpose of being on this Earth then you will know who you are!  But unfortunately; most people don’t know themselves! They follow consensus. This quote from Lisa Nichols has really spurred me to discover and tap into more of my Dharma—and yes, the Law of Dharma is the Ultimate of all Lives!

Do you have a book list of your favorite, most helpful books? What are the books on your list and what were the most important points from each one?


My favorite and most helpful books are: The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn, Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra, Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle, An Awakening: Mapping Your Dream by Suzanne Hosang.

These books helped me to reprogram my mindset, inculcated more wisdom into me. But my pick among all these books is An Awakening: Mapping Your Dream by Suzanne Hosang.  The book is a Pearl and it was what helped me to heal from the “shame,” pain and break barriers that have been standing in my way.

Who were the most important influential people in your life so far? Who do you consider your mentors?  (This can be someone in your life or someone you have never met.)


They are many but I will name the ones I can remember. And they are: Norman Vicent Peale, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Theresa, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Brenda Fassie, Tony Robbins, Mooji, Debbianne DeRose, Florence Scovel Shinn, Sarah Prout, Suzanne Hosang, Napoleon Hill, Jeannette Maw, Serena Williams Phineas Quimby.

What will your 90-year-old self be most proud of?


I am going to sound quirky here and I am quirky. I don’t intend to live up to 90 at all. That agey-thing don’t appeal to me. I am okay with 77-year-old. So, I will say that my 77-year-old will be proud of being able to live my dream, fulfilled, successful, prosperous and happy as a Luminary and Godfather.


From where do you derive your value and self-worth from the most, and where would you advise a younger version of yourself to look for such things?

I derive my value from reading the Bible and other spiritually uplifting books—which is a way of aligning myself with the Universe. Learning from Masterminds (my mentors) and reading success stories is another source I derive my value and self-worth. And I would encourage a younger version of myself to seek for it from these things I have mentioned.

Who or what has been the biggest, most helpful contributors to your life?

My mother and Suzanne Hosang

What have been the most helpful and effective healing tools, which have helped you the most in your own, personal, unique healing journey?


Crystals have been an integral part of my healing tools. I use crystals to boost my energy and vibrations. Now, crystals are sentient beings which I have grown to love and respect. Tapping into these sentient stones could not have been more victorious and soothing. I tell you, crystals can dispel negative energies and entities. I can testify to that. For example, few weeks ago, I noticed that I was not in a high vibration. I reached out for my tourmaline black and clear quartz; held them in my palms. Lying down in an oneiric state; I could feel there was some negative energies looming around—and then I tapped into the power of the crystals—and then I said subliminally “negative energies, return to sender.” And I had a mental picture of what was coming but it was dispelled! And I slept. I woke up feeling refreshed, fortified and grounded. Healing is a process.

Now one fact I love to point out about crystals is this. It’s not enough to have crystals. Crystals are not slaves that you can just pick on to do your bidding. You must treat your crystals with respect, ask their permission and set your intentions. And remember to be charging them with the moonlight, sunlight, etc. there are some crystals that are compatible with water and there are some that are not. I remember one day, I was having this feelings of unworthiness, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs lingering on my mind. It was my tourmaline black that I used to clear those lower energies—holding it my palm with mindfulness and intention. Within 7 minutes, a new surge of higher vibrations and energies came into me. I was full of verve.

 My beautiful crystal collection:


 Is there anything I have not asked you that you would like to share that you believe could benefit others?


I love to be a Singer subsequently. I am a budding singer. It is my dream to collaborate with Johnny Manuel in my songs and share the same stage with him. He has a mellifluous voice! I always play his video on America Got Talent where he covered Whitney Houston ‘I Have Nothing’ on repeat! Johnny Manuel and I have similar story. If you have watched this video you will understand what I mean. I think Johnny Manuel is genial and talented just as I am too. And I love his mojo!

It is also my dream to become a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher in future like Mooji, Florence Scovel Shinn, Sarah Prout, Norman Vincent Peale.

I am an adventurer. My travel destinations are: USA, China, Greece, South Africa, London, Mauritius, Iceland, Japan, India, Israel, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland and Australia


What do you believe is the purpose of your life?


The purpose of my life is to use my unique gifts and talents in this lifetime; and help to make great change in the world.

What is your main wish/desire for the loved ones in your life?


I wish for them to live their dreams and sprout the life they love.

If presented with an opportunity to make a truly sustainable and lasting difference in this world, what would this offer look like, and how would you contribute to its advancement? 


I would seek to obliterate racism and religious intolerance. We are all from the Stars; and made in the image of God/Source/Almighty of which are Highest Vibrations all-round. Why can’t we always be reflecting and radiating the Higher Vibrations to our fellow humans?  You see, in the eyes of the Creator we are all ONE and EQUAL. For example, what Jean Cramer (the councilor from Marysville, Michigan) is not for the highest good of all and it is not in harmony with the way Universe works. We are all one. People like her need reorientation, enlightenment and yes, she needs to expand her consciousness and stretch her mind.

I would love to stop the animosity on the LGBT community and become an LGBT activist. I will begin by creating awareness for people to understand that we’re ONE and EQUAL in the eyes of the Creator. You don’t have to apologize for your sexual orientation. ACCEPT your sexual orientation, LIVE it and EXPRESS it. Life will not treat you bad for your sexual orientation. You are WORTHY. It’s only when you make a wrong choice that’s when life becomes bad. It matters not who you love or the gender you are attracted to. Any gender you form union with is YOUR OWN business! And that should be RESPECTED. What MATTERS is that you love because love is NOT linear. Love IS multidimensional. And WE ARE all God’s children; LOVED unconditionally.

I will also use my books to educate humanity. My ideal offer would be to build schools, orphanages and hospitals—have a radio program, documentary and movie for the adaptation of my books.

What are you currently doing to create this reality and manifest its existence into a reality?


I write always. And I write in all genres. At this moment I am writing a book about Law of Attraction. A lot of people have misunderstood the Law of Attraction. Life is too big and colossal to be presented scientifically. Most Law of Attraction “experts” have gotten it all wrong. It takes only one grain of sand to tip the scale in either direction; hence I am tipping the scale in this regard—to make people have a better understanding of Law of Attraction.

Do I have your permission to share/publish your interview?



Kingsley Osajie

Writings by Kingsley:

Understanding Manifestation

Written by: Kingsley Osajie

We all have the ability to MANIFEST whatever we desire. The TRUTH is, we CAN create ANY reality for ourselves—either deliberately (consciously) or by allowing (unconsciously). One thing I have grown to learn and understand is this: EVERYONE is practicing Law of Attraction—consciously or unconsciously. Law of Attraction is not reserved for some “special people.” Even before I heard of Law of Attraction I have been manifesting thingsmy diving deep into Law of Attraction is just a plus! Before now, I used to thinkthat the Law of Attraction “experts had it all to themselves and that it was all peachy-keen for them! Upon closer inspection, I found out that they too had their own challenges.

The only difference that counts in manifesting is your “tool.” The sharpness of your tool determines the speediness of your manifestations. By tools, I mean your beliefs, thoughts, attitude, feelings and choices.Those whom we call Law of Attraction “experts” have sharper tools.” There are those who are not called Law of Attraction experts; but are manifesting mavenon their own right; they know how to work the magic of behind the scene to get what they want. And I fall into this second category. In truth, NO ONE is excluded from the hiccups of this 3D! Here is what Katy Perry said:

When I am in between records, sometimes I doubt myself. I’ll be like ‘Did I just get lucky, or did I mass-manipulate the world into thinking that seven songs were worth a number-one position?’ And then I go back into the studio and I start writing, and the true essential oil of who I am comes bubbling back up and reminds me that it’s always been inside of me, that nobody can take this away no matter what comment anyone makes.”

—Katy Perry on her confidence as a songwriter

Now, when it comes to manifesting our dreams, we face barriers. Sometimes, it is not all about not having the financial capacity. It could be a barrier from the energetic aspect: beliefs, thoughts and subliminal whatever… We are all from the Stars; and made in the image of God/Source/Almighty of which are Highest Vibrations all-round. Why can’t we always be reflecting and radiating the Higher Vibrations? Why do the gremlins and gargoyles trip us up with unworthiness philosophy, negative thoughts and suchwhen we are on our way to manifest our dreams? Why do we have to contend with the gremlins and gargoyles in order to be in a place of Higher Vibrations which makes it easier for our dreams to manifest? I wonder it. For example, a lion gives birth to a lion and the young lion reflects 100% the characteristics of its source of life without deviating; why then is it hard for ushumans who are higher in intelligence than animals not reflect, manifest and radiate vibrations of God/Source/Universe. Sometimes, we battle with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs just because we are aiming to manifest a dream or thinking big to sprout the life we love.

The TRUTH is Source Energy is all-encompassing. It’s the “all-that-is” and so naturally, all must include everything… yes including the gremlins and gargoyles! We are part of Source or the Universe.We are Infinite Spirit Beings, and part of our infinite experience is playing this Earth Game as human beings. A distinguishing characteristic of this Earth Game (as opposed to many of the infinite games or experiences we can and do have as infinite beings) is FREE WILL. As physically incarnated human beings, we have free will to create our reality here.

Naturally, with all this Free Will in the Earth Game, we experience a wide variety of results. Some behaviors we consider to be bad or even horrendous, understandably so. But from the perspective of Source Energy, it’s all part of our growth. When you encounter someone behaving in a way that does not feel loving, how do you respond? It takes a lot of spiritual backbone to respond with love to someone who has strayed far from love. And yet, this is our challenge in this very challenging Earth Game.

Yes, we are all here co-creating together in the same reality sandbox, and yet… each being’s reality is personal to them. It’s a paradox. Embracing paradox is a fantastic skill that allows you feel more peaceful, not pushing for resolution.  Acceptance and Love arehigher vibrational states that ripple outward and give other people permission (if they’re wanting it) to choose Love over Fear to manifest whatever their desire is! All we can do is be the ideal versions of ourselves, and by doing so, we can inspire other people who are ready to be inspired. 

About the gremlins and gargoyles within—the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and such… it’s our entanglement with others, and that’s part of what makes the Earth Game so challenging. All these thought-forms exist, but are not necessarily our own! They are not actually personal to us. They are part of the group-think consciousness. We can embrace each thought as “truth” for us, or let it pass like clouds in the sky. It takes intention and practice to cultivate sufficient awareness of the mind’s contents. The challenging nature of this Earth Game is what makes it so popular! We come here with a sporting attitude, as spirits. Finding your way back to what’s true; to let your true self BE and shine through. 

Our Higher Selves know all about all of this stuff and they’re totally fine with it. Though we suffer greatly while inside the Earth Game, when we leave, it’s just like stepping off a crazy rollercoaster. So the sooner we adopt that laid-back Higher Self attitude, the happier we can be in the Earth Game, right here and right now. If we can view ALL experience through the eyes of Source/Universe, rather than through the filters of human judgmentality, then we see only beauty and spiritual expansion, and we experience acceptance and appreciation of all of it. Not that it’s easy to do so 100% of the time. It’s to be expected that we waver and pop in and out of these different perspectives, because that’s part of the game too!

A lot of time, we hear Law of Attraction “experts” tell us “Ask. Believe. Receive,” but I want to let you know that it does not always happen that way! It is really difficult to describe what has to happen in the Etheric Realm first before our dreams can manifest here on earth physically. And I remind you that the Intangible PRECEDES the Tangible! “Everything, every moment is a manifestation of something…”

The art of manifestation of our dreams and desires into reality is Alchemy. It cannot be measured. For example, if someone set their intention and uses a vision board with the necessary vibrational alignment; in the end he manifests his desires. It is the same as someone who sets his intentions and submits the request to the Undines or someone who sets her intention and puts the request to the Gnomes. What matters most is that in the end, they all manifested their desires! Different approach; same result—hence the old saying: “there are many ways to kill a rat. As Ikkyu (the Japanese philosopher) so eloquently puts it: “Many paths lead up the mountain; but at the top, we look at the same bright moon.” The Universe is unlimited! And it can deliver our “goods” in different ways. Whenever you set your intention you MUST always use this affirmation to close it up: “I accept this_____ or something even better.” For instance, you set the intention to buy a Lexus Jeep. Don’t just focus on that Lexus Jeep; close it up with the above phrase. Now, what if the Universe wants to give you a Ferrari? I am sure you certainly will not reject a Ferrari! Even if you don’t have the means. Remember the Universe works in diverse ways. A relative or an uncle in a faraway land could just be nudged by the Universe to shower you some love and he could wake up one morning and say “Ah! My dear cousin let me send himFerrari! Anything is possible!

If you have set your intention to manifest anything, please DETACH from the outcome. Be grateful for what you have first. Gratitude is attitude. Don’t tell the Universe how it should come! The Universe knows better than you. Desperation, neediness and attachment are REPELLANT energy. You must also remember Divine Timing. As Sarah Prout said, “Manifestation unfolds in PERFECT Divine Timing; everything is in Gods clock.”

When you have set your intentions and your “goods” has not yet arrived, understand these points:

i. Maybe you are not well aligned vibrationally. That is where the “tools” comes in.
ii. The Universe wants to give you something even better and it is cooking and conspiring it from the Etheric Realm where the magic starts. Remember, if it does not happen in the Higher Realms first, there is NO WAY it can happen here physically
iii. Maybe not yet time. Due to the fact that there are some sorts of resistance preventing you—maybe karma, negative (family) pattern, etc which you must clear so that you can manifest your dreams.

As you go about manifesting your dreams, remember to take inspired action and surrounding yourself with likeminded people who will support you in manifesting your dreams. “A person is a person through another person.” Brenda Fassie. No one has achieved success without the mentoring, support and wisdom of others because it takes a village to raise a child.

The Secret did not cover all the fact about manifesting. I have read it. It only presented Law of Attraction as the be-all-end-all of creating our realityand manifesting our desires. But I am putting to you that Reality Creation/Manifesting is a two-way thing: you decide what you want to manifest and your Higher Self/God/Universe/Angels decides how and when it should come. Here is what Abraham said (a non-physical entity channeled by Ester Hicks) “You cannot make anything happen. Universal forces have been kept in place for all of that. Your job is to determine what you want.” Now, don’t get it wrong. Abraham is not saying we cannot create our own reality. Rather he is saying that we must co-create the Universe to have the reality we want. And how will you be able to manifest without the help of the Universe? For you to be able to manifest your desires or sprout the life you love; you must BEFRIEND your Higher Self/Angels/Spirit Guides/Universe/God or whatever name you want to call it. They dwell in the domain of the “how.” The how is where the power is and they KNOW the road more than you do!

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    U were born in deeper level of understanding.
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