July 12: Burdens are made light when shared.

Burdens are made easier to bare, when shared.

I love Simon Sinek’s book, philosophy, words, and idea that, “Together is Better”.  It is so true.  Alone, we can only do, accomplish, feel, learn, think, and obtain so much.  With the help, inspiration, motivation, added energy, exposure to new experiences, love, support, kindness, patience, additional momentum, and interest from others, even more is possible.  (To enjoy content by Simon Sinek, simply drop his name into YouTube.  You will not regret doing this.)

Growing up, I adopted the idea that I was supposed to become strong enough to do it all alone.  Life was like a competition or a game, where I had to be better and had to be more than everyone else.  I compared myself to others constantly instead of comparing me to myself.  The interesting thing was that I chose to always compare myself to people who I judged and considered, “weaker” than myself, so that I was always, “better” than everyone around me.  I was caught in the trap of comparing my strengths to the perceived weaknesses of others, and it left me feeling superior but disconnected, and resulted in a false sense of strength, and becoming progressively weaker.  It gave me a false sense of security.  I did this because it made me feel better about myself, but it only offered me a false and unhelpful level of confidence and value.  Sometimes, I would even gossip about others, diminish and demean them, and shed them in a negative light, so that I would seem to shine more brightly, and look even better.  I would push people in front of the proverbial bus, to look or seem better than them.  It was an awful way to live.  It was a horrid, incredibly disempowering habit.  I lacked real confidence and self-esteem that comes only from integrity, keeping promises to myself, continued personal progress, and contribution.   Eventually, just as with ALL of us, my bad habits caught up with me and the results were devastating.  I didn’t like who I had become, and neither did anyone else.  It was easy to live like that when I was younger, but since doing hard things is the only way we build credibility with ourselves, I had none, and I hated who I was.

Now, I know better.  I know that the only person I can honestly really be comparing myself to, is myself.  Am I stronger than I was yesterday?  Am I wiser than I was yesterday?  Am I better than I was yesterday?  Are my skills and perspectives improving because of my hard work, focus, and dedication?  If not, I realize I have some work to do, because PROGRESS EQUALS HAPPINESS.

Together is better.  With the help, inspiration, motivation, added energy, exposure to new experiences, love, support, kindness, patience, momentum, and interest from another, anything is possible.

When we constantly and consistently create and practice having deep, meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling, beautiful relationships, we will always have others there for us when we need them the most, because we will have already made it a habit to be there for them.

I think it is important to remember to spend the majority of our time with and around uplifting, inspirational, motivated people, instead of spending the majority of our time around those who are constantly negative-minded, pessimistic, and who eventually break us down emotionally.  EVERY INTERACTION, be it energetic, spiritual, verbal, or physical, an actual ENERGY EXCHANGE is made.  We absorb the energy of those around us without realizing or sometimes even knowing it.  Spending time with someone who chooses negative energy infects us, and drains us of all our energy, while surrounding ourselves with positivity, love, light, acceptance, appreciation, and grace, ONLY results in us absorbing and being capable of using THAT energy.  ENVIRONMENT MATTERS.

I have a growing belief that the more we are there for others, and the more value we add to others, the better everything will naturally unfold in positive ways for us.

Burdens are made easier to bare, when shared.

Together is better.   With the help, inspiration, motivation, added energy, exposure to new experiences, love, support, kindness, patience, additional momentum, and positive interest from another, even more is possible.

Today, I will look for opportunities to be there for another who may be going through something difficult.  I will reach out to someone I trust if I am going through something difficult, and remember that all things are made easier to bare when shared.

Type Simon Sinek into the YouTube search engine, and learn new ways on how to become an even more enlightened leader.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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