July 23: Failure

“Failure will introduce you to success.” – Billionaire P.A.

As human, it is through injury and the recovery process that we grow stronger.  It is only through struggle that we become stronger.  It is only through failure that we learn and become wiser.  Experiential learning is the best kind of learning.  It is only through healing that we become better.  

Body builders push themselves to the breaking point, purposefully tearing muscles so that they will heal back at a different size and strength level.

Scholars push themselves to learn more through intense focus and repetition, allowing certain neural pathways to die through non-use, while building stronger neural pathways with over-use and consistent exposure through repetition.

Babies, while learning to walk, fall down repeatedly, sometimes bruising themselves, but they never give up!  They keep at it, and we all learn to walk by falling repeatedly, experiencing contrast, recalibrating, and learning balance.

So it is with life.  We fail, then we learn.  We keep at it, knowing that if we do, we will get better at it!

“FAILURE is the most information-rich data stream in existence.” -Tom Bilyeu


There is NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE-only learning and growth opportunities that come through “failing.”

ANYTHING we learn to do is JUST like learning how to walk…we just keep doing it until we master it.

The beautiful thing about the adoption and implementation of the belief is that IF THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE, WE CANNOT EVER IDENTIFY AS A FAILURE.  Instead, we can identify as a LEARNER!  How beautiful.

Keep at it!  Quitting is a CHOICE which becomes a habit when repeated.  Keep going. Keep doing what you are doing.  First we gotta crawl, bruising our knees.  Then we learn to walk, bruising our bodies.  Then we RUN.  It is only through the struggles of life AND THE HEALING THAT FOLLOWS that we experience the blessings of strength through consistent repetition and practice.

Reminder to self:

YOU’VE GOT THIS!  Keep at it…you are stronger than you think, wiser than you know, and getting better every day you do more of anything.  Simply ensure you get better at that which will improve the quality and enjoyment of life for you and those you love.

Today I will not be afraid to fail at anything.  I will be present in the here and now, do my very best, and let tomorrow take care of itself.  I will choose to believe and have full faith and knowledge that as long as I am thinking, speaking, and doing my best, everything will be the way it should be.  I will choose to FULLY enjoy every step of my life journey along the way.

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