July 26: The Two P’s-Enjoying the contrasting experiences of life

“In life we succeed and we fail.  One causes us to Party.  The other causes us to Ponder.” – Tony Robbins

Success causes us to celebrate!  Celebrating our success or the success of others is important.  It was earned.  It is deserved.  Celebrating success helps us to recognize in our self or in others something good that has transpired.  When we reward our self or others for success it strengthens our resolve and motivates us for further successes and creates within us a hunger which fuels us and inspires us throughout our evolutionary, creative, progressive process.  Celebrating success rewards us and inspires us to continually progress and improve.  Celebrating even the smallest of successes spurs us on to greatness.

Failure is also a part of life.  It is a very important part of life.  It helps us think through and ponder on what we did incorrectly or ineffectively.  It inspires us to ponder on how we can do better.  It provides us the opportunity to recalibrate after interacting with immediate feedback.  


Failure helps us to grow stronger and wiser.  It helps test our resolve and our level of persistence.  It teaches us and helps us to realize and remember what is truly important to us, and what is not.  Through failure we learn the coping skills and tools which will help us succeed the next go-round.  We gain emotional fortitude.  Through failing we learn what not to do next time.  It is okay to fail.  It is never okay to quit.  Failure is a necessary component to a successful, meaningful, progressive, purpose-filled life.  Quitting doesn’t ever need to be an option, no matter how many times we fail at something.  Quitting is a choice that can quickly become a habit.  

My newest perspective on failure is this:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE-only learning opportunities, and each learning opportunity and success is a reason to ponder AND party!  EVERY experience and every result is a blessing.  It’s ALL good.

Fight and rage and persist against failure, but don’t ever give up.  Don’t ever quit.  We must keep that defiant spark alive within us!

Partying and pondering are both good things.  They are both helpful.  These two things help us to do more.  They help us to do even better.

Today I will be grateful for Partying and Pondering and how much beauty, joy, strength, and wisdom have come into my life through these Two P’s.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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