July 25: Compliments


While it is truly important to detach ourselves from even the GOOD opinions of others, genuine and honest compliments are a useful tool to build connections and create a more beautiful world.

In this life we have the opportunity, each and every day, to create the reality, the life, and the existence we desire.  We are ALWAYS either creating or destroying with each thought we think, each word we speak, and each action we take.  EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around us, and in the Universe, responds and reacts to the quality of energy of these things we are constantly transmitting.  A thought transmits certain energy waves and patterns of vibrational and magnetic frequencies, just as every sound to each word and each action we take does.

Compliments are something we can take advantage of and utilize in our creative state.  What is the opposite of a compliment?  Condemning, judging, and criticizing.  These are part of a destructive state.  How do most people react to a sincere, genuine compliment?  How do most people feel and react when being criticized, judged, and condemned?  Where is your personal focus most of the time?  Are you being creative or destructive?  Do you compliment others more, or do you condemn, judge, and criticize more?

Complimenting or criticizing are practicable skills.  They are habits we can create and practice daily.  Complimenting or criticizing can determine the quality of conversations, which in turn may determine the quality of our day, our week, and eventually our life.


Especially with children, we want to focus on complimenting the behaviors we want to reinforce and perpetuate.  A compliment can add fuel to the inner fire of a child, helping create momentum as they travel in a positive direction.

This is something that works naturally and easily for everyone, however.  To complement means, “to add value to, or to express praise or admiration.”  To appreciate means, “to recognize the full worth of, to value, treasure, admire, respect, hold in high regard, or to think highly of.”  We compliment others out of appreciation, and others appreciate the compliments, then THEY appreciate in value and worth.  What do you do to and for others, each day?  Do you appreciate them or depreciate them?  I know I have certainly criticized and condemned.  It has never worked out well for me or for the other person.

A person who hates themselves will hate others.  A person who abuses themselves will abuse others.  A person who judges, criticizes, and condemns themselves will judge, criticize, and condemn others.

A person who loves themselves will love others.  A person who trusts themselves will trust others.  A person who appreciates themselves will appreciate those around them.  As within, so without.

Complimenting, adding value, expressing praise or admiration, and expressing appreciation are all part of the creative process which will make our lives and the lives of those around us more beautiful, meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling, as long as it is honest, truthful, and sincere.  We get back from the Universe what we put out into it, and the more we do these things, the more they will come back to us.

Over time, compliments can become a habit which help us to focus on the good and the positive in others we want to reinforce.  THESE EMPOWERING HABITS REWIRE OUR BRAINS TO CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE A DIFFERENT SET OF CHEMICALS AND HORMONES, which are constantly being injected into the blood stream, and within only two pumps of the heart, reaches our ENTIRE BODY, traveling over 60,000 to 100,000 miles through the blood vessels of our bodies (depending on the size of our body.)  These chemicals and hormones then act as information within the body, telling it how quickly to heal, how to feel, and what to do.  It is such an amazing, beautiful process!

When we choose to be consistently grateful and appreciative, the physical structure in our brain rearranges and the neurons rewire themselves to reflect these habits.  Because of neuroplasticity we are able to recreate the type of person we become, which then alters the life we create and make into a reality.

Today, I will practice complimenting others in an honest, genuine, sincere way, and I will focus on complimenting the thoughts, words, and actions I wish to reinforce in others.  I will remember that I can only give away what I HAVE to give away, and I will make it a daily habit to appreciate and love myself, having an attitude of gratitude for all that I am and for all that I have.  As within, so without.

This particular topic is worth researching.  There are books, videos, suggestions, and lists which can be easily referenced and used.  Here are a few.  Click on the images for additional information.


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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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