July 3: Success

Success is many different things to each person.  To me, it is continuously and consistently working towards being wealthy and abundant  in these areas of my life:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Social/Communication 
  • Educational

We all are blessed with the opportunity each day we wake up to find something that works well for us-and choosing to do it, practice it, and get better at it.  I believe it is important for each of us to make a plan of our own success in each of these areas.  Why?  Progress equals happiness.  When we stop progressing and working towards something to better ourselves or others, what happens?

It’s okay to be unhappy with the way things currently are.  That gives us USEFUL INFORMATION and FEEDBACK, or data telling us we are not currently DOING what we truly WANT to, in order to create the results we WANT in our lives.  Discontentment with current circumstances means CHANGE is a NECESSITY for us.  It is JUST AS VALUABLE for us to know what we DON’T want, as it is to know what we DO want.  Life experiences help us to decide upon these personal, unique-only-to-us lists.

Experiencing contrasts empowers us to know what we DON’T want, and when we know what we don’t want, we more quickly decide on what we DO want.

I know that when I stop working towards something, or accomplished what I wanted to and think, “I’ve made it,” I become comfortable, complacent, lazy, then depressed as everything falls apart as a result of my complacency.  It is my own personal recipe for disaster.  Tension or pushback is NECESSARY for growth.  

I love the quote by Pitbull:  “It’s not about making it, guys.  It’s about maintaining it.”  Maintaining progress, and consistently growing and evolving, is where it’s at.

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

It seems counter-intuitive, but when we focus on personal development, everything in life works out better!  Our relationships with others as we become even more attractive, our level of commitment as we build credibility through our consistency, our financial capabilities, and our abilities to contribute in EVERY area of life, improves, AS WE DO.  Life changes for us as WE change.  Life gets better for us as WE get better.

We do not have to DO more to BE more.  We only have to DO more to HAVE, ENJOY, and EXPERIENCE more. 

You will never BE more than you are right now.  You are GOD, in disguise.  You are PURE LIGHT, shining through your broken parts FROM THE INSIDE.  You are CONSCIOUSNESS, perfectly and naturally expressing itself in the most beautiful way possible-AS YOU!  You are divine and eternal.  We ALL are.

I was once asked what MY definition of success was.  I responded with,


SO MANY wise men have taught over the centuries that we become what we think about.  I believe,


If success is what we truly want, and successful is what we truly want to be, we will think successful thoughts, use successful wording when we speak, and exhibit our own ideas of successful behaviors and actions as we continuously acquire new ones to experiment with.

The beautiful thing about success, is it is uniquely personal, and each of us have our own idea of what success is for US.  To be UNSUCCESSFUL is to live life trying to please others, or doing what THEY want us to do instead of what lights US up.

Truly successful people detach from the need to say and do what others want them to.  They do not conform or act like others.  They are originals, value individuality, know who they are, and detach themselves ENTIRELY from the opinions of others.  They no longer need to be seen any certain way.  They also detach from the need to CONTROL others and THEIR outcomes, focusing ONLY on SELF-recreation, in order to more fully optimize their OWN life experiences, consistently filling their cup through self care, and providing a limitless overflow in life that benefits EVERYONE around them.

Today I will make one, small, easy to accomplish goal in each of the above areas that will help me to grow and progress in some small way.  Before I have accomplished that goal, I will make another one, remembering that continual progression will lead to my continual happiness.  I will remember that IT IS ABOUT PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION, and I will keep a mind open to ALL things, while being attached to NO thing-not expectations, beliefs, desires, things, ideas, or opinions.  I will LET GO and LET BE.

The teachings of Jim Rohn are absolutely worth researching and implementing.  I’ve made it a habit to listen to some of his content  while preparing for the day, and it has empowered me to improve my live immensely.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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