July 30: Pleasure VS Pain

Pleasure and pain are both a big part of all of our lives.  Most of us run towards pleasure and run away from pain.  Seems like a smart thing to do, right?

Some of us endure pain in our younger years and put off the pleasure of instant gratification for a greater reward, that may or may not come until years later.  Some of us want instant and continuous pleasure, all of the time, and we seem to always give in to the temptation of instant gratification.  Years later, we realize that if we had suffered through just a little more pain of discipline, sacrifice, and consistent hard work, instead of giving in to instant gratification for the immediate pleasures, at all times, our lives would now be full of much more pleasure of a much higher quality.

Take schooling, for example:  Years ago I had the opportunity to go to college.  I chose not to, because it was difficult, time-consuming, frustrating, and not very pleasurable.  I was a single father and didn’t want to miss out on time with my three sons while they were in their younger years.  Yes, I had every great excuse in the book.  Years later, here I am making a pitiful wage while working my tail off for a company which believes I am easily replaceable, and the truth is, I am.  Had I done the work to get a higher education all those years ago, it is highly likely I would be in another place in my life, making more money, living a more pleasurable life, adding more value to everyone, having become even  more valuable in my human state.

I have no regrets, however, and am proud to say I was always there for my sons.  My life has unfolded BEAUTIFULLY, and I have realized that it is NEVER too late to become stronger, wiser, or better at ANYTHING.

When we choose to accept 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives, we can no longer remain a victim to circumstances, and we realize and remember that we are the creators and projectors of our personal realities.  This is INCREDIBLY empowering.

I am grateful for the job I now have and for the life I have lived with my three sons.  I accept full responsibility for my decisions and I know that I could have made different decisions for a different outcome.  I am incredibly excited about the future.

Each choice we make, or don’t, causes us pleasure or pain.  The interesting thing is that THE WAY WE PERCEIVE OF AND DEFINE THINGS is what causes us pleasure or pain.  Every result in every moment of life and how we define ALL of it is the feedback of life to be used for personal adjustments and recalibration.

Have you ever heard of The Marshmallow Test?

Today I will ask myself questions before I rush into decisions:  Is the choice I am making going to cause me and those around me more pleasure or pain now and later in my life.

Here is a four minute video, quickly describing what the Marshmallow Test is:



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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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