July 31: Commit!

My son and I came home from a hike one day.  We were famished and exhausted!  We searched the refrigerator for something to eat.  We found a package of salami and cheese.  They were all stacked and sticking together.  As I held out the container with the cheese in it, he tried to peel off the first slice of cheese from all the other slices.  He tried over and over.  We were exhausted from the hike, so it took longer than it normally would have.  After about the tenth try, we were starting to laugh in frustration, and I yelled, “Commit!”  Immediately, he knew exactly what I meant.  He rolled up his sleeves in a dramatic show of commitment and dove in with both hands, and with an exaggerated look of determination he picked up the entire row of sliced, square cheese bits, and while he held the row with one hand, he peeled off the top slice with his other hand.  He raised the piece of cheese into the air in triumph as we both cheered.

When we are committed to something, we know it.  Other people around us know it.  We aren’t “trying” to do the thing we are committed to, because we all know that trying is lying, a way of letting ourselves off the hook.  We go all-out to do the thing we are committed to accomplishing.  We give it our all!  We roll up our sleeves, dive in with both hands, and make it happen.

A friend of mine once told me that his father always taught him that if he was doing ANYTHING, as long as he was giving it his all, committing to it fully, and giving an honest 100%, he would feel happy and fulfilled, creating a useful life habit.  He took this to heart, and accomplished many great things in his life.

In a relationship, with an education, with a goal, with a work out, or with learning a new and useful skill, if we are committed to it, it shows.  We work harder, longer, faster, and more consistently than we would if we were just trying something out for the fun of it.  We know if we are “all in” or not.

Today I will figure out what it is I want to be committed to and I will prove it through my actions.  I will go all-out.  I will decide to be “all in”.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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