June 22: Visions and Dreams

”If you don’t know where you want to be in 5 years, you are already there.” – Tony Robbins

A man or a woman without visions and dreams will revert back to who he or she used to be. We are continuously either progressing or regressing, creating ourselves and growing, or becoming more complacent and shrinking back into what and who we used to be.

Personal growth and success or the lack thereof-either way we are creating everything that is our reality.  We ALWAYS have options.  We ALWAYS have choices.

Once we get close to accomplishing what we want to, it is important to remember to already have visions and dreams of further progression, personal growth, and personal success, or we will most likely become comfortable, then complacent, and then regress.

It is okay to rest, just don’t unravel.


The beauty of being able to visualize a better existence and a better future is that it is a great tool to use as a motivator when we are tired, and when we want to quit.  When we remember we don’t just want BETTER for ourselves, but also for those we love, it keeps us going.  It keeps us on track.  Many times, I have wanted to give up, or simply do less, but the thought of letting down someone I love has kept me going strong, even when I felt weak.

Reminder to self:  Keep going.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You’ve got this!

Today I will check my visions and dreams and ensure in my own mind that they are big enough, and that I am consistently and regularly doing the things that will ensure that I am on my way to accomplishing them.  I will remember:

Knowledge and wisdom without action and execution are worthless and useless.  To BECOME more as a human I must DO more.  To BECOME better, I must DO better.  I am capable of ANYTHING.

I accept that I am perfect, exactly as I am, and that as a human, I can do and be even more.  I Will remember:



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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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