So many of us spend all of our time and energy, throughout our entire lives, seeking feelings of security, acceptance, prosperity, love, and appreciation from outside sources.

If we buy just one more product, we will finally feel at peace.

If we obtain a certain item, or dress a certain way, people will finally see us a certain way.

If we get that certificate or that degree, we will finally be worth something, having made something of our self.

If we can just make $20,000 or $100,000 a year more, we will be considered worth more than most of society, finally being of more value than others.

If we have bigger muscles, a healthier body, a longer beard, bigger boobs, a face with less wrinkles, or sculpted and chiseled features as a result of surgery, we will FINALLY be seen as better than others, and we will finally feel content.

If we can just find the perfect person for ourselves to complete us, we won’t feel so alone.

The truth is, no thing or outside sources will last, giving us a PERMANENT feeling of security, worth, value, happiness, or contentment.  No matter what we buy or do, or who we are with, these are just experiences.  

These are TEMPORARY sources of feelings.

True and lasting contentment, happiness, worth, value, appreciation, prosperity, compassion, love, and acceptance are STATES OF BEING, not feelings to be had.

Meditation helps.  Letting go is empowering.  Also useful is praying, gratitude, up-leveling beliefs and perspectives, and other certain OUTWARD practices that remind us of the INNER truths.  ANYTHING that reminds us of WHAT we TRULY are, as we continuously work towards upgrading the WHO we identify as while in this human body, us USEFUL.

As we continuously to align WHAT we are and WHO we identify as, it results in more and lasting, more permanent feelings and AN ALTERED PERSONAL REALITY of contentment, peace, safety, love, compassion, empathy, understanding, kindness, prosperity, worth, value, abundance, acceptance, and beauty.

When in this human experience we finally realize the importance of practicing LETTING GO of all we thought we were supposed to be, and realize our true identity as divine and eternal, having temporarily been downloaded into this “physical” form in this “real” world, it is then that we begin to strip away all that is not us, and we unbecome everything we are not, eventually acquiring the wisdom of simplicity and TRUE contentment and fulfillment that comes from within, rather than from hard work, progress, acquired items, riches, wealth, safe homes, or an over-abundance of ANYTHING.

 The meanings we attach to all of this STUFF is what causes a temporary feeling of happiness, contentment, value, and personal worth-but how do we feel when ALL of it is ripped away from us or is lost?

I have been learning a lot about letting go, and the more I learn, the more I realize that I am just scratching the surface. I have found the process of letting go to be a useful, daily practice.

Each time I complete the Wim Hof breathing practice and meditation I designed that works for me, I read a few things I learned about LETTING GO, along with a short list of what I perceive my self as needing to let go in order to align with my TRUE identity, rather than recreating the identity I have needed OTHERS to see my entire life.

Your list of things to let go may be different than mine, but here is my list:


-of the illusion of CONTROL of other people, situations, and circumstances.

-of all outcomes and results.

-of all ideas and beliefs.

-of all feelings.

-of all wants, needs, desires, and wishes.

-of the idea of the need for progress.

-of the need for acceptance, love, and appreciation of others.

-of the need to be seen ANY certain way.

-of the need for validation from others.

An idea I value is that EVERYTHING unfolds PERFECTLY, as IT needs to, for the greater good of the collective whole AT ALL TIMES, despite our best efforts to control it into being what WE want it to be.
“LETTING GO is the ACTION part of faith.  It is a behavior that gives God and the Universe permission to send us what we are MEANT to have.” -Melody Beattie 

Reading this, reminding myself throughout the day of these things, and practicing letting go throughout the day, empowers me to judge myself and others less and enjoy each moment more.  It allows me to let go of the idea that anyone NEEDS to do ANYTHING, any one or particular way, think, believe, or speak any certain way, or align with what I want or prefer.  It makes me progressively more capable of letting go of what I want, and enjoying the outcomes that result, rather than judging them, or allowing my ego to fulfill its needs by playing the comparison game or trying to feel better than, or more important than, everyone else in the room in SOME way.  It allows me to be FREE-from the need of validation, praise, criticism, or judgments of OTHERS.  Letting go allows me to feel as if a MASSIVE burden has been lifted from my shoulders, or as if a huge and heavy wall has just been removed from off of my body, and I can BREATHE!  I feel LIGHT!  I feel BETTER.

Two of my favorite books I have discovered, so far, to learn more about the lifetime art and practice of letting go are:-THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO, by Melody Beattie-LETTING GO, by Dr. David R. Hawkins

If you have any other material to offer or share with me in my LETTING GO JOURNEY, please reach out to me.

I offer this information to you as a challenge to create a list of what YOU can let go of to feel lighter, free, and healed, and to design a daily practice your own to continuously create an inner environment for yourself that you will then project out into the world, allowing it the opportunity to match the divine energies that you emit from inside you through your practices of up-leveling YOUR perceptions and beliefs.

One of my favorite mantras Is ALWAYS BE UPGRADING.
May we ALL decide the level of importance for ourselves In our daily lives, and always realign, reconnect, and re-identify with what we TRULY ARE, as we continue to do our best in this human experience.

A few sources of information I have found to be truly helpful and empowering in this re-identification process are:-A podcast called, Ram Dass – Here and Now-The book, The Greatest Secret, by Rhonda Byrne-The book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, by Emily Fletcher, all about how to easily get started meditating-The book, Mindset, by Carol Dweck.-The book, The Power of Bow, by Eckhart Tolle

I see it as highly important to do all we can to remember WHAT we are, as we continue to do the work to upgrade the WHO we identify as while in these human bodies to have the most beautiful life experiences possible.  I wish you well on YOUR journey.  I send you peace, love, compassion and comfort.  I truly wish you well.

I believe you are RIGHT where you need to be for YOUR optimum growth.  Keep doing your best, moment to moment…

Someone said something to me one time that woke me up. It was that in order for things to get better for me, I had to get better. In order for things to change for me, I had to change. That was the goodthehead.com

It is nobody else’s responsibility but YOURS to help and save you, design an inner world that recreates your outside, physical reality, and creates the life of your dreams. No one is here on this earth to program your mind or live your life for you. 

Create and design a daily routine for yourself based upon what has worked so well for others.  Research it.  Everything you need to get started on building an improved version of the “you” that you identify as in this human body is on my website…I can’t do your push-ups for you. NO ONE can…You can learn to be your own best advocate and stop asking for help, or get weaker as everyone else does everything for you. Life is SUPPOSED to be hard. WE are supposed to GET hard. 

You’ve got this…

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