What is a long-lasting, sustainable contribution you would like to make that lasts long after you are gone, and who do you want it to affect?

Travis Maxwell Knowledge. Hopefully everyone you contact has a a piece from you.

Dorian Fno Temple I think I already have. That through it all you never relent and perhaps I am my own poster child for FNO!!!

Veronica Bedessie I would love to have a big foster home for about 10 kids. I know that it would live on well after I’m gone. As I have a beautiful son with a huge heart and loves children. I would love to have a positive impact on so many young lives with my husband.

Bruno Schuyten This one is the baseline of my business, I want (and am doing now) to build a global team of world changers who dedicate their time to help, educate and empower people in the use of natural solutions for their health while raising awareness about better ways to care for themselves and the planet and giving the opportunity to become financially free through helping others (ps: that also help communities of growers, farmers and distillers around the world through a sustainable development of their business). –Pete Jones-That’s a contribution I think most people would absolutely love to be a part of. 👍 Bruno Schuyten I’m happy to get in touch and explain more to any interested person 😊 our community has changed my life by giving me a purpose in life on focusing my energy towards helping people rather than my own fears.

I’ve already started my contribution in helping to re-educate society to become self sufficient, independent, and knowing the difference between true value and man made artificial value. also, a society that willing accepts responsibility and accountability for their entire experience in this world rather than constantly deflecting it and blaming everyone else for their personal and collective experiences.

Just to be kind and conscientious whenever I can and hopefully leave more of a positive footprint than a negative one . At the end of the day I think that’s all we can do. I am especially concerned about poverty women’s safety and empowerment and the thriving of animals and the environment.

I create memories so I can live on through my family. I never meant my grandfather and a family member said I act like him. That’s because my mom loved him so much that he lived on through her. Domino affect.

I’d like to open a respite center for children who’s parents have long or enduring illnesses. Somewhere they can have a sleep over and have fun.

To give comfort to my fellow vets through volunteering at my local VA Hospital and to work with students at the Catholic School of my church.😌

Being vegan…….it will help save the planet and generations to come…….farming animals for slaughter for food is destroying our planet…….destroying our water, rivers, environment, everything as the gases emitted by the animals are poisoning the air that we breathe…….billions of farmed animals, sentient, heavenly beings that are highly intelligent and compassionate being killed for no reason……meat filled with antibiotics etc are the main reason people have diseases.
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I would like to have our 6 acres of farmland be kept like it is so people can grow food and eat healthy.
To help guide as many lost souls and non awakened people to the light.  -What are ways you are trying to do this? What works the best, or do different things work for different energies and personalities? I also want to be able to do the same. We are all one.  Each situation and person is different. Mostly I listen. There are so many people in dark places because they think they are the only one. They are tortured by their own minds and repeat destructive cycles of behavior because it’s all they know. They are judged bad by people and they believe it. Many have simply never had someone take the time to listen to them without judgement or without being given well meaning advice. Just listen and identify.
Ono N Northey Increase the awesome.
Speaking, teaching, books, parenting and general interaction.
Share knowledge!
Make people realize and live their dreams and tap into their potential for the betterment of humanity in things including healthy life style, higher standards of living , financial freedom , eradication of poverty in Africa , etc.

I want it to affect people who think their of no value to this world, people who think it isn’t possible to be legendary on a world stage.   -Love this!! I want the same.  Great  , we can do it.

I want to make my children compassionate , caring, loving and always the givers. So they could share with others whatever they might have and feel happy with it…and spread this thing in the world through their children and so on…..

Stories that last past my generation that inspire others to do what inspires them. Leaving a legacy around improving our lives so that we may improve the lives of others.




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