Other ways to “self soothe” besides meditation and breathing exercises?

Keilene Mills:

Positive Thinking
Temp Seclusion
Good Talk
Listen to Music

Carla Jones: Hugs and dancing 

Erin Silverhorn: Music

Fillip Apergis: Shooting range

Maggie Mae Higgins: Voodoo dolls 😂

Jenny Lauzon: I didn’t hear this from anywhere but kinda made it up for what worked.
I rub my middle finger slowly but consistently from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose or vice versa. Definitely helps my anxiety. I’ve done this with my babies too and it’s helped. I hope this helps ya. Otherwise I’m loony 😉

Glenn Banks: Make unrealistic expectations realistic, like, “Everyone should love me, or life should be fair.”  There are hundreds of them.

Wendy Mysak: Bubble bath with candles lit all around and a glass of wine

Kerri Cameron: Tapping method! EFT.  https://youtu.be/XyHxuTG6jRk

Becki Pierce:  ummm…..chocolate?  I love to go to the park and get grounded. Take my shoes off and walk around on the grass.

Tami Millett: Feel your pulse.
Tell someone this moment is just too much for me. (Verbally hear your self release it)
Hold a sweet baby that is ready to sleep.

Donn Fuller: I have chickens, I go out back and sit and watch them peck and scratch in the back yard, after I get home from work.

Billy Scott: Music, journaling, stretching, yoga, beach sounds, pictures of calming places, essential oils, creative visualizations, affirmations, reading, working out, I could probably come up with more but this should get you started. Good luck!

An Ice cold shower for 30 seconds

Primal scream therapy:
Shout/scream for 30 seconds
(but not at someone).

smash something
(that is not of value to you or someone else).

just go crazy for 30 seconds
(somewhere that you won’t get arrested).

Releasing built up tension is the key to re-centering yourself.

Bruno Schuyten Sport, massage, essential oils (go for the pure ones), treating yourself, tapping, positive affirmation, hugs and the very best that works every time…. Help someone who has less than you… I never found anyone who doesn’t feel soooooooooooo much better after helping someone who needs it. Pete Jones Excellent answer. Thank you. Sadaf Haider Khan I guess Bruno’s given the reality check which we sometimes forget to keep in perspective. Thanks Bruno! 💖 To helping others! The best addiction! 👍 Bruno Schuyten Yes it is, an addiction, I used to be addicted to lots of negative stuff, but I have found that helping others is the best drug in the world, it gives you all the chemical in your brain to bring happiness, deep sense of fulfillment, joy, peace and can transform the worst day into a pretty good day! Totally egoistic though, helping others is something I do for me to feel good about myself 😁

I make inspirational collages of things I want to read or to remind myself that I’m actively creating my reality. I love flipping through magazines and finding words and fonts I like. It really helps me be less anxious.
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EFT , Brad Yates is the best, you can find him on youtube 🙂

There are plenty of ways, some are destructive, try to avoid these. Create a list of the positive ones that work for you. Then go do them, see what ones work the best. For me, Brazilian jiu jitsu has been very helpful and has had positive effects in many areas of my life. 

Pete Jones-Just posted this on my website on April 18. I agree!



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