How important is MINDSET when it comes to SPIRITUALITY?

Probably the most important. Otherwise you will just keep experiencing loops. Or “hell” some might call it.

The “mind” has NO relevance or importance on the spiritual path.

I see it as learning to connect to your light while keeping that rational brain busy or quiet. That brain can disrupt spiritual progression with unhelpful chitter chatter.

The mind is not the friend of spirituality. – But can it be, or is that an absolute truth for everyone?  -The mind can allow the ego to take over and the mind can play tricks. That’s why quieting the mind is so important.

Very important! Every through is energy. It flows on vibrations into the universe. These energy’s intertwine with emotions. What you send into the world you get back. Like if you smile, you usually get a smile back. Mindfulness is key. Spirituality in basic terms is to be a good person, love one another, love mother earth. Be grounded, remember we still live on this planet. When you follow these basic statements you’ll reap the rewards of educational growth. Which this is what existence is all about we come here to learn the lessons of life to progress our soul.

Mindset is important when it comes to everything.

I’m no Bible thumper, but it’s true that God helps those who help themselves. If we want to experience a spiritual awakening, we have to open our hearts and souls wide to receiving it.
I see a lot of posts asking for someone to send spiritual healing. Healing a troubled soul is always a one-on-one, inside job. No one else can do it for us. So mindset is everything.


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