What is one thing you do every day that sets you up for spiritual success the rest of the day?

Getting up with the remembrance of the meditation I did right before falling into sleep the night before.

Meditation, breath work, journaling, forgiveness and gratitude.

I name things i am grateful for in my life.

Gratitude – counting all things that make me happy 10+ 🙂
and I tend to say loudly in the morning ”Damn if feels soo good to be ALIVE 

My personal morning practice – meditation; parts of yoga and general stretching- maybe a little exercising; head/hand/foot acupuncture/massage; reading a wise quote to think about a minute before carrying on with the day. In general I just recommend to find a little routine which wakes up your body/mind/spirit – something that brings you joy in someway 🙂start with just taking a conscious breath and maybe by saying thank you for another beautiful day and smile. That can be so powerful already to start your day with gratitude! maybe add 5-mins of just sitting and observing your mind and thoughts before you go to have breakfast. through my own experience I recommend to get out of the bed – sometimes it’s very inviting to just fall back on the cushion after meditating hehehe 😀 keep on adding things every other day or week to extend your practice and see what it does with you. since I developed my own practice I realized that it can be life changing. days I didn’t do my practice in the morning where so different and less productive. It’s very enlightening to concentrate on your own creative process every morning right when you get up. you care about yourself! my practice in the morning takes usually half-hour to an hour but there are days I just got time for a 15 min practice and it still incredibly supportive to get started!😛


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