My hero and brother, Dr. King, said it best.

I see the images.  I read the stories.  I feel the emotions.  I send out love, and the tears begin to roll.

These are not tears of rage, but of love.  

They are not tears of anger, but of hope.

I hope for healing and comfort to come to those who have lost so very much.  I hope that balance will soon be restored, and LOVE will return to the hearts of all who now harbor hate, anger, malice, resentments, and revenge.  I hope that love will once more become the main focus of ALL thoughts in the minds of the many.

Our system is broken.  It serves the FEW, at the expense of the MANY.  

LOVE is the answer.

We swallow our bitterness and anger down, only to become more bitter and angry.

LOVE is the answer.

We tolerate atrocities, allow crimes against others-as long as it doesn’t affect us, remaining silent so that we don’t draw attention to ourselves and become the punching bag of accumulated frustration, fear, hate, anger, and anxiety.

LOVE is the answer.

Frustration is not immediately attended to, problems are not quickly resolved, the cries of the many are not heard by the few, and the build up results in acts of hatred, rioting, violence, devastating destruction, and souls erupt as volcanoes, having built up pressure FAR too long.

LOVE is the answer.

We witness injustices, yet remain silent, in hopes it will not disturb or alter our illusions of comfort and safety.

LOVE is the answer.

We are ONE.  It is NOT about color.  It is not about where we are in the world, but about where we are within ourselves.  It is about the lack of tolerance and acceptance towards others for their differences.  

You are different from me.  You look different.  You act differently.  You do not think as I think.  You do not speak as I speak.  You want different things than I do.  You have different goals from me.  You make different choices than I do.  You enjoy or suffer from different results than I enjoy or suffer from. YOU ARE SO DIFFERENT THAN ME!  

THAT is your beauty.  THAT is your strength.  

Differences are beautiful, to be celebrated.

Your uniqueness is gorgeous, perfect.

Your originality is opulent, and I cannot take my eyes off of your beauty.  It does not make me question or doubt my OWN beauty, or cause me fear that I might not be “as good as,” or ENOUGH.

I look into your eyes, as if to stare into a mirror, and through all of the differences, in the light of your uniqueness, in the bright rays of your originality, I behold God and the Universe.  I see myself in you.  I see you in me.  I am calmed, and through loving myself better, I am better able to love YOU, and you ARE me.

LOVE is the answer.

Let the tears begin to roll ONLY because of love.  Let us celebrate our differences, tolerate our uniquenesses, allow for originality, and remember that we are ONE.

TOGETHER IS BETTER because we are ONE and the same.

I love you, because I love myself.


What comes out of you when you are squeezed?  We ALL need to pay attention to the answers of this question, for THAT is the place from which we are creating reality for ourselves, our children, our loved ones, and collectively, EVERYONE.

LOVE is the answer.

This is a five minute video, featuring teachings of the importance of building up and amassing within us the love that will heal.  It’s time to heal.  Please share. ❤️🙏

May we all pray for LOVE today, and EVERY day.

I feel fearful, so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel anxious, so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel angry, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel lonely, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel darkness, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel pity, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel malice, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel hate, and so I turn inward and I LOVE.

I feel love, and so I turn inward and I AM LOVE.

I can only give what I have within me to give.

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