Jeroen van Buuren

Can I get an outline, or a short biography of your life, with which I can introduce you ? (A brief history of your family of origin, where and how you grew up, what your mother and father and siblings were like.)

I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My parents are from South America and Indonesia. Both hard working people, which made that we, my older brother, younger sister and I, were home alone much of the time. We are not a real happy family, more all individuals doing their own thing. After my high school I lived in America for a year. I then finished my University education in computer science. I’ve worked as an entrepreneur for over 25 year, mainly because I don’t want to work fulltime. Finding a part-time job is not easy being a male. Currently looking for a job at the one hand, working on getting my business of the ground again. I want to move from computers to personal coaching.

What is your current age? What year were you born and where have you lived?

I’m 55, born in 1964, live in the Netherlands all my life, except for one year in America. 

Started in Amsterdam in the west, moved to the east for my education, moved back to the west and now living for over 20 year in the middle of the country. I’m surrounded by forest, river and orchards only 5 miles away.

What were the most important things you learned during your childhood and earlier years that helped you later in life?

Love yourself. My mom told me to look in the mirror and say that I liked myself. Although strange in the start, I am happy with myself, up until this day.

If your future best self from 10 years in the future appeared to you RIGHT NOW (who is stronger, more capable, and more successful than you ever imagined yourself to be), which ONE terrifying, challenging, or difficult action would that incredible future self tell you to take?  How would your future self advise you to live your life NOW, in order to ensure this future self exists?

I’ve taken so many terrifying actions. I just started on speaking out about Divineful. See no action ahead as of now. The advise would be to continue digging deeper and deeper into the concept of what it is to embrace my full Divine power. Keep dreaming of a stadium filled with people meditating and celebrating Divine connection together.

What are the practices which you have implemented into your life, which are difficult that have built credibility with yourself and improved your self-esteem?

Keep my eye on the good. I’ve been looking at the negative for a long time. Now I work on seeing good everywhere, consider challenges instead of problems. I consider myself a great man, hardworking, loving and forgiving.

What were your biggest failures/mistakes in life, and what did you learn from them?

Shouting at my kids. Anger is never an option, learn to deal with it, and see that it is your own weakness that causes it.

Where is your favorite place you have ever been and why?

New York city. We spent a week there in 2018. Without a plan, going where we felt would be nice, we had the most incredible encounters. 

What is your educational background?

I have a Master in Computer science. Beside that I have 28 years of spiritual self training.

What jobs/employment have you had? Which was the most fulfilling and why?

Computer programmer, bookkeeper, coach, webmaster. 

Actually none. I love to have time on my hands to spend with people I care about and share spiritual insights with. 

When you feel frustrated, angry, or out of control, what do you do to quickly and effectively return to your baseline emotion? (How do you, “Self-soothe”?)

I don’t get there anymore very often. I have a day ritual that keeps me connected with my inner silence all of the time. If I do, I open myself up for inflow of Divine stillness

If you were to believe in the idea of PRONOIA, and believed that the Universe has conspired on your behalf, EACH AND EVERY MOMENT of your entire life, what moments would prove this belief to be true?

To many to mention.

Finding my wife, in France while we both were living in the Netherlands, not more than 10 miles apart.

Finding my home

Surviving my coma when I was 18 months old, because my mom had seen month to month breathing the day before on TV. This was back in 1966 when almost none had a TV set.

Discovering I had an NDE when I was 18 months, only when I was 42 years old. And being able to transcribe what happened during that time.

What is a long-lasting, sustainable contribution you would like to make that lasts long after you are gone, and you do you want it to affect?

Introduce Divineful into the world. As known as mindfulness is now. Effecting the whole world. Sharing the knowledge of the loving universe we live in. How to have a relationship with IT and how the live after is as much a part of reality as is this world

What are the principles and core beliefs you base your decisions and your life upon? Are there any principles or core beliefs that you altered/improved over the years, as you grew, progressed, and improved? (Old beliefs that didn’t serve you/were harmful vs. New beliefs which benefited you and those around you a great deal.)

We live in a loving universe that creates and lovingly supplies in all needs. Our thoughts create, but only when creating in harmony with IT can anything lasting be created. 

There have been many versions of this, from being afraid, angry, feeling left out.

Do you have a morning routine which you adhere to in order to, “Prime your pump,” and empower yourself to be a better, more grounded, centered, focused version of yourself for the day?

Yes, in fact I have a day routine. Starting with the end of the day, going to sleep with meditation, knowing I will wake up before the alarm goes off, feeling energetic and ready to start the day.

When waking up, thanking my body and consciousness, feeling the energy and getting up.

Breakfast, then meditation.

Do my 6 things, eat your frog, which gives me my planning for the day and the one thing to do first.

What are your favorite 3 quotes and why?

Responsibility is about answering, not about perfection

Out of myself, I can do nothing

You’re support even if you don’t know it

Do you have a book list of your favorite, most helpful books? What are the books on your list and what were the most important points from each one?

Christ Returns Speaks His Truth: the live of Jesus retold, plus all you ever wanted to know about the Universe, the ego and how to life together in peace, all in merely 400 pages.

Who were the most important influential people in your life so far? Who do you consider your mentors?  (This can be someone in your life or someone you have never met.)


What will your 90-year-old self be most proud of?

Starting Divineful and having brought the book Christ Returns to the world

From where do you derive your value and self-worth from the most, and where would you advise a younger version of yourself to look for such things?

Taking from the book and a lot of meditation. I wish I knew what to advise. At the moment much of what is offered is to self-centered.

Who or what has been the biggest, most helpful contributors to your life?

My wife. She helps me to keep grounded

My son. He helps me to go for my dreams.

What have been the most helpful and effective healing tools, which have helped you the most in your own, personal, unique healing journey?

My own developed technique, called 888HQZ (healing from Quantum Zero). The basis of this is to heal yourself, in order to heal the other.

Is there anything I have not asked you that you would like to share that you believe could benefit others?

Tell me more about your NDE. In this I returned to ‘the other side’ and saw how I ended my life with suicide and what happens when you do. I have attached a booklet for you to read.

What do you believe is the purpose of your life?

To contribute to a world where Divine has ITS prominent place returned

What is your main wish/desire for the loved ones in your life?

To be happy and find their own connection with Divine

If presented with an opportunity to make a truly sustainable and lasting difference in this world, what would this offer look like, and how would you contribute to its advancement?  What are you currently doing to create this reality and manifest its existence into a reality?

Divineful. I am working on returning Divine ITS prominent place in my life. Creating masterminds around the subject, and working on finding people interested. The biggest challenge there is to find where these people can be found.

Is there anyone you can send this interview to that you know would add value to your life or the lives of others with their answers? If so, will you share this interview with them?

Yes, Berry and Abdul

Do I have your permission to share/publish your interview?


Currently my website is called Yet, I will change it in the coming weeks to Divinefulness. To me that is what the world needs!

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