A writing project inspired by Ed Mylett.

A HEALING OPPORTUNITY. I encourage you to write a letter to yourself, while you look at a picture of you, as a little one.

June 19, 2020.

Hey, little man. Before you came into this world, before you were born into this beautiful, tiny, healthy little body, and before you were gifted to, AND BECAME A GIFT FOR, these two people who promised to ALWAYS do their very best by you,


You were perfect, whole, complete, amazing, incredible, PURE LOVE.

You still are. YOU ARE LOVE.

Just so you know, your mom and dad will spend the rest of their entire lives doing their very best for you, and everyone else around them. You have been blessed to be born to them.

The love they have for themselves, and within themselves, is the example of the kind of love you need to practice using with yourself and others, ALWAYS. Lean into it, and BE the LOVE they have for you and so many others. They may be imperfect, but we ALL are. They will always do their best, and the love they have within themselves is PERFECT.

It has been said that the greatest teachers, the most enlightened gurus, and the most spiritual of beings and Avatars to live on this earth realized the truth that we are ALL LOVE, born into this world for a human experience, and we forget who we are. The only difference between them and you, little man, is they know who they are, while you are still searching to figure out who you are. They don’t have any more love within them than you do, they simply have LESS of EVERYTHING ELSE. They choose to do the daily work to remember who they are, and they continue to BE who they are: LOVE!

Despite the fact they are living within the confines and rule-sets of this physical, human “reality,” they are practiced in the art of BEING LOVE.

You can do that, too!!!

Turn inward. Go back home. Home is a FEELING, not a place, and that feeling is LOVE.

The only thing The Universe desires to find within itself is LOVE. YOU are a piece of that Universe, and so is EVERY OTHER SOUL that now inhabits ANY living thing.

That beautiful bug collection you will work so hard on in a couple of years? They are a part of you. To cause any living thing PAIN, is to cause YOURSELF pain.

That kid you are going to bully, and take advantage of, in a couple of years? He is a piece of you. He is a part of you. LOVE him, instead. Remember who you are! YOU ARE LOVE.

That kid that bullied you for three years, mercilessly, between 6th and 9th grade, until you finally kicked his ass for bullying your sister? His home life was ALWAYS full of fear, intolerance, abuse, and hatred. Later, he kills himself, lost in darkness, hopelessness, loneliness, and a personal experience devoid of LOVE. LOVE HIM! Befriend him, after you kick his ass. He is a piece of you. You are a part of him. BEING LOVE does not mean you need to be a pacifist, or tolerant of poor behaviors. LOVE protects self and others.

That dog you will for 16 years that you will love so much, that will be put to sleep while you are away at Boy Scout camp, so you don’t have to be a part of that difficult decision or the pain that will inevitably come from that loss? Don’t let it keep you from getting and expressing love to another pet! ALWAYS care for, and express love towards, EVERY living creature, and BE LOVE TOGETHER. Don’t be afraid of getting another dog and loving it FULLY. Remember to say all of your loving goodbyes EVERY time you walk away from anything, or anyone, you love.

That young, pretty girl you will marry someday will give you the greatest blessings of your life. THREE of them!!! No matter what happens, how you both are victimized by life, no matter the terrible choices you make separately and together, no matter what ugly things you say and do to one another in the 12 years you will be together, know that there will be great purpose in ALL of it. Remember the many beautiful times that you will have, and be grateful for them! NEVER diminish her, demean her, slight her, make her look bad, or shed her in a negative light around your kids, and remember to allow her to be who and what she needs to in order to heal and remember who SHE is: LOVE! Yes, little man, she may even hurt you, someday, but she is a piece of that same, exact thing YOU are a piece of. She, too, is LOVE, and just like you, for a time, she will have forgotten who she is, as well. Things between you will end. When they do, send her LOVE, and leave her BE.

This life is filled with distractions, and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT individuals, who would program and influence you in a way that CONTINUES to distract you away from who you are and what you are capable of if you become more of yourself. BE MORE OF YOURSELF. BE MORE LOVE. It is this one thing that will empower you to build the beautiful life and legacy you will one day build. Beware of tricks and deceptions, for there will be many, but all along the way, BE LOVE.

WE ALL ARE, disguised in these physical forms, hiding behind a protective ego filled with thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives PROGRAMMED WITHIN US SINCE BIRTH, to keep us in a perceived state of protection, which may only be fear, making forgetting who we TRULY are.

BE LOVE, and allow OTHERS to be LOVE in their OWN time. Remember:





See how the first letters of these previous 4 words spell LOVE? Remember that, little man.

That little brother of the girl you will marry? He will be like a brother to you. You will make very few, but very meaningful memories with him. LOVE him, every chance you get. He will call you one night, after MONTHS of battling demons of his own, just to tell you goodbye, but you won’t know it. He will thank you, and you will already know he is experiencing difficulties you don’t understand or comprehend. You will offer to drive down that very minute, from Wyoming to Arizona, because of the love you have for him, and pick up him, his girlfriend, and their baby son, and return home to move them in with you. He will tell you he has other plans, and you will feel hopeful for him, knowing he has a plan, and you will let him talk you out of driving the 14 hours that very night to pick them up. He loves you, and that is why he tricks you into having hope for him when he has none, because the next day he will kill himself. There is nothing more you could have done. LOVE him. He will always be inside you, just as YOU are inside you, for you are both LOVE. Forgive yourself for not knowing. NO JUDGMENTS. NO CRITICISMS. Not towards him, and not towards yourself. LET GO AND LET BE. Just LOVE. Matt will ALWAYS be with you. He is but a thought away. It is in the moments of peace, solitude, and silence, that GOD is remembered. GOD IS LOVE. Matt is LOVE. YOU are LOVE. We are ALL GOD, being realized and expressed in the most beautiful ways possible through this human experience.

You will experience MANY failed relationships after your own, first divorce. You will eventually realize that YOU are the common denominator in all of these failed relationships. These failures, ALL of them, will be the catalyst which inspire the necessary pain, fear, anguish, resentment, self-hatred, self-loathing, to act as combustion within a much-needed chemical reaction within your life, which will propel you on an alternate trajectory, which will result in you meeting the most incredible woman you could have ever previously hoped or prayed for. She will be the best thing that ever happens for you and your children. She will bring her own set of beliefs and life experiences, as well as three beautiful children of her own, and you will never know LOVE like this. Enjoy every moment of it. Be grateful for it, each and every day. Remember to NEVER take this gift for granted, and BE LOVE WITH HER. By doing so, you will be endowed with more power, energy, capabilities, skills, strength, wisdom, and purpose. With these gifts, that come as a result of accumulated experiences of exponential LOVE, given to you by her, all of both of your kids, their loved ones, and their children, the life and legacy you create will be remembered for generations to come, and the things you share in LOVE will be preserved and shared for centuries to come.

Learn to meditate at a younger age, and practice it DAILY. THIS is the practice that will empower you to go HOME, to go within, to remember and expand into MORE of who you are: LOVE.

That friend you will lose touch with after high school, only to reconnect with decades later, after he has cancer? You will feel like you are losing the opportunity to BE with him, and get to know him on a deep, meaningful, purpose-filled level. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t be ashamed. He lived a beautiful life! He experienced an AMAZING existence. Do not be sad. Send him, and those he loves and will miss, and those he will regret not being able to be present for, LOVE. He will always only ever be a thought away. HE is ALSO love. By BEING LOVE, he is also with you, ALWAYS.


You don’t need to ACT in love, little man. Not EVER. That would just be an ACT. BE LOVE! Just BE YOURSELF. LOVE is who you ARE.

All of the beliefs you will be spoon-fed will be useful to you far much of your life. They were meant to program you and teach you how to protect yourself and others.


STAY OPEN to new, different, alternative ways of sharing, thinking, and practicing BEING. This one thing will greatly enhance and optimize your life experience, empowering you to grow, adapt, expand, improve, progress, pivot, and recalibrate, MUCH more quickly, and THIS, little man, will result in much more LOVE and enjoyment for you, and those you love, while still in this body.


Remember this message you will be blessed with later in life:



Become the WATCHER, the OBSERVER.


When you falter or fail at this, quickly move through it. Feel no shame. Remember who you are and get back to that. Go back HOME.

There is so much within this life experience that you will be completely unaware of, so many people you will wish you would have been able to love and be there for, so many that are hurting and you just didn’t even know it. Go HOME. Go within. Rediscover yourself daily, and remember who you are, through prayer, meditation, yoga, and regular visits into NATURE. Practice inflection, and self-awareness. KNOW THYSELF, as a wise, Greek man, once said. As you go within, experience more of who you are, and expand into that, you will be emptying out all of that which moves you AWAY from who you are in this life, and you will be refilling your empty parts with MORE of who you ACTUALLY are, LOVE, BELONGING TO ETERNITY. You will be repairing yourself. THIS IS HOW YOU HEAL.

Remember who you are, little man. You are a perfect piece of The Universe You are GOD, in disguise. You are LOVE. Also remember, that EVERYONE ELSE IS, AS WELL.

LOVE and understand others. Seek to understand them even more. From LOVE will come empathy, understanding, complete acceptance, kindness, gentleness, and MORE LOVE. Love begets LOVE. That which we focus upon, EXPANDS. That monster which we DO NOT want, ALSO expands, if we choose to feed it with focus.

It is through kindness, respect, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, and LOVE, that this world can be a better place, and THAT starts withing EACH of us, AS INDIVIDUALS. We can only give to others that which we have within us. Look within, ALWAYS, little man. What do you see? Is it LOVE? Or, like in so many, is it self-loathing, self-hatred, self-nonacceptance, unkindness towards yourself, shame, embarrassment, fear, and non-appreciation? If that is what you have for yourself, it is all that you will be able to give to others. If LOVE is what you have for yourself, and WITHIN yourself, THAT is all you will have to give to others.


Each time you look into the mirror, think of this. Repeat it to yourself:

I am PERFECTION, disguised in this temporary body. 

I am The Universe, God, The Source, simply expressing itself in the most beautiful way possible, by experiencing this life to the best of my ability, learning through trial and error, making my failures into successes, and living as a human BEING, rather than a human DOING.  

I don’t HAVE to DO anything to be more, or to be better, though that is ALWAYS an option to me, as long as I am alive.  

I am perfect, just as I AM.

Remember this, little man: ALWAYS CREATE YOUR CURRENT REALITY FROM A PLACE IN THE FUTURE. Create the future you want and desire in your mind, EVERY DAY, and lean into what it will take to manifest THAT. DO NOT live your life in the past. Alan Watts teaches that a boat leaves behind it a wake, that signifies where the boat has been in the water. Your body and this life is the boat and you are the captain of the ship-you are the DRIVER of that boat. The wake is your past, and it DOES NOT DETERMINE where you are going. Give no thought to the past. Learn from it and let it go-do not dwell there. REMEMBER YOUR FUTURE that you are busy creating, each and every day.

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