WE create our chemical makeup. WE ARE CREATORS.

When we open our eyes in the morning and behold the loved one laying next to us, when we pet a dog, when we hug our child, when we listen to certain noises, sounds, or music, or experience ANYTHING we perceive of as beautiful and something we love and enjoy, certain chemicals are IMMEDIATELY produced and injected into our blood stream, which is then pumped WITHIN ONLY TWO BEATS OF THE HEART to over 60,000 MILES of blood vessels within our bodies.  A beautiful concoction of hundreds cascade and intermingle to join and create feelings and moods for us to experience IN REAL TIME, immediately.  It’s INCREDIBLE.

The mind can not differentiate between reality and thought.  This is useful information to know!  We can, around certain people, or in circumstances or situations which usually elicit from us feelings of stress, anxiety, darkness, or depression, GO WITHIN, and envision ALL of the things that elicit from us, instead, feelings of joy, happiness, peace, kindness, acceptance, patience, and LOVE.  THE CHEMISTRY CHANGES IMMEDIATELY, depending upon what we CHOOSE to think about and focus on, regardless of what is going on in our outside worlds!

WE create the chemical makeup of our bodies THROUGH THINKING, as much as we do through habitually responding and reacting to everything we experience with our beautiful but limiting 5 senses, while in this body, living this life.

Through a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, we can creat an INNER world that will soon dictate how the OUTER world interacts with us.  As we use this daily practice I be silent and still, we have the daily opportunity to DISPLACE everything in our inner world with all that we WANT, rather than allowing all that we DO NOT WANT to occupy that space.  

We can replace things by moving a thing over and adding another thing.  Both things are then there, together.  To completely, permanently DISPLACE things, we add so much of the one thing that the other can no longer coexist, and it easily and naturally removes itself from the equation, as if it was moss, floating on the top of a full barrel of water, then when more water was pumped into the barrel, the floating moss moved to the side of the barrel and simply spilled over the side and down the exterior of the barrel, never to enter it again.

When we consistently focus on what we DO want, ONLY THAT can occupy our barrel.  All that we DON’T want, is then easily and naturally pushed to the top of the barrel and travels to the side, spilling over, and out of us.  


His message is less than 5 minutes:


What are YOU doing daily and consistently for yourself, that empowers YOU to re-focus on what you DO want to feel, which chemicals you DO want to create and enjoy, and to create an external, outer world as beautiful as the one you design WITHIN?

I admit-at first I SUCKED at this!  It takes practice and repetition.  CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!

The books, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH more by Emily Fletcher, MINDSET, by Carol Dweck, and REAL MAGIC, by Dr. Wayne Dyer, have helped me IMMENSELY in the Self-Recreation process.  I have listened to these books many times and will continue to do so in a continued effort to only add to my barrel that which empowers me to get what I WANT, which is to BE more loving and to experience consistent PEACE as a result.

When we see something we want, but don’t know how to get it, the process becomes INFINITELY more easy when we ask someone who ALREADY HAS what we want!

What is it YOU want?  Chances are, someone has MASTERED the skills it takes to get WHATEVER it is we want.  The question THEN becomes, are we willing to do what it takes to earn whatvwe want?

Once we are clear on EXACTLY what we want, we can learn from OTHERS how to get it, then create a checklist and get to work.  

I want to consistently experience INNER PEACE amidst the chaos of this unpredictable, distracting, sometimes crazy but INCREDIBLY beautiful world we are all a part of.  FROM THAT PLACE, clarity and energy are produced in MASSIVE amounts, and ANYTHING becomes possible.

What is it YOU want?

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