March 24: Providing

Providing for ourselves is a necessity.  How we provide for ourselves is a choice.  We can do it in many different ways.  Eventually, we have to meet our own needs is life, so that we won’t have to continually depend upon others to meet and provide for our needs.  We decide what our needs are, then commit to the actions that provide for, and result in meeting, those needs.

When we decide that WE are our source of abundance, rather than others, EVERYTHING changes.

Some people choose to obtain educations and improve their earning capabilities because they don’t only want to provide for their needs.  They also want to provide for their wants.  In addition, they want to provide for the needs and wants of people they choose to love and spend time with.  They choose to live in a bigger, nicer, safer, more beautiful home, and do what is necessary to obtain it and keep it.  Others do this to prove they are enough, always feeling inadequate inside, while trying to prove on the outside that they are more deserving or better than others.

At what age should we begin learning the value of responsibilities, creating wealth, and providing for ourselves?  At what age is it important to think about caring for and providing for not just ourselves, but others, as well?  At what age does mindset matter?  At what age does character count?  At what age do we decide that WE are to be our source of abundance, instead of OTHERS?

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will think about and decide upon exactly what I need and what I want within the next three years.  I will make a way to provide those things for myself.  I will also decide what I want to provide for my loved ones in the next three years, and I will make a way to provide those things for my loved ones.

Creating financial independence and a wealthy, enjoyable lifestyle for ourselves and others requires a different set of beliefs and a different mindset for many of us.  For inspiration and help with these new beliefs and mindset, it is best to follow in the footsteps of others who have already accomplished what we want to.  If we don’t KNOW better, we can’t DO better.  The more we research, read, listen to, and stalk (preferably on-line) people who have achieved the level of success in life that we want to, and choose them as our mentors, the more we will learn EXACTLY what we need to do to achieve the same, and decide if we are then willing to do what it takes to commit to the actions necessary.

Ferenc Toth is a good friend of mine who is BRILLIANT at creating wealth for himself and those he loves.  He also empowers others with the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and experience do the same -please watch his guest appearance on the goodinthehead podcast here:

This YouTube interview, featuring Ed Mylett and Peter Crone, is a testament to what an altered mindset can empower ANYONE to create.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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