March 25: Life Happens FOR Us

When we are going through difficult times, we sometimes ask, “Why me?  Why do these things always happen to me?”   We wonder why life has to be so difficult and challenging.  When we ask dis-empowering questions, we get dis-empowering answers.

The truth is this:  Life isn’t happening to us.  Life is happening for us.  Once we adjust our realization, shift our perspective, start to believe this and ask questions like, “What is this challenging moment meant to teach me or do for me,” magic happens.  Miracles begin to take place in our lives.  We can look back at the timeline of our lives and realize that each challenge and difficulty led us onto a path where we became stronger, wiser, and better.

We can look at things differently.  Our perspectives can shift.  We can realize and choose to believe that the Universe really was designed to conspire on our behalf.  We can start NOW to make better choices in how we react and respond to situations that may arise.  We can begin to take a minute in the middle of everything that is going “wrong” and focus on all of the other things that are going “right.”  We can begin to practice an attitude of gratitude and see how life becomes more beautiful.  We can make better decisions and have better outcomes because of it.

We can realize that all of the seemingly small, seemingly meaningless decisions we make actually add up to, and accumulate into, something HUGE.

Life isn’t happening to us.  Life is happening for us.  Most days I think I won’t come to the realization of the purpose for most things that happen until after I am dead and gone.  I do believe that everything that happens has a purpose and that eventually some good will come from ALL of it.  Our life experiences INFORM US.

Years ago, after going through something I felt was awful, horrible, and completely devastating, I wrote this:

“I don’t believe in mistakes.  EVERYTHING, no matter how horrible, destructive, painful or bad it may be-whether they do it to us, we do it to them, or we do it to ourselves-is in some way, no matter how big or small-EVENTUALLY for our own greater good.  EVERYTHING.  Only after we realize this, learn this, know this for ourselves by going through hell and being burned by the fire will we truly learn gratitude.  Only by being truly grateful will we be truly happy.  Embrace your tragedies!  Embrace your pain!  FEEL IT ALL.  It is at this moment the universe is about to sling shot you from the depths of despair to the most beautiful heights of your eternal existence.”

Life has highs and lows.  Through pain and recovery, we gain hope.  We are strengthened.  We become wiser.  Know that no matter how bad today is, things always get better.  BAD TIMES DON’T LAST.  Even though things may get worse again, it will then get better again.  That is life, and we have the courage, strength, and wherewithal within ourselves to make this life exactly what we want it to be in spite of it all.

Reminder to self:  Be open to challenges.  Be open to pain.  Be open to change, hard work, and growth.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will remember:  Life is not happening TO me.  Life is happening FOR me.  I will use this belief as a tool for improvement.  I will begin to ask empowering questions of the Universe.  I will let go and trade my expectations for appreciation.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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