March 26: EMOTIONS EMIT, and WE are the creators of ALL WE EMIT!

Emotions.  Most of us have them.  Many of us are slaves to them, rather than MASTERS of them.

Emotions are the residual effects of feeling a certain way for an extended period of time, which is a result of our HABITUAL THINKING PATTERNS we have CHOSEN or have been ADDICTED to, for an extended period of time.

Our EMOTIONAL BASELINE is actually a comfortable ADDICTION to the chemicals and hormones that are consistently produced by our CONSISTENT THOUGHT PATTERNS that make us feel most comfortable and enjoy the illusion of what WE think is safe.  This chemical cocktail THAT WE DESIGN, and constantly determine by what we constantly choose to focus on and think about, CAN ONLY RESULT IN THE OUTCOMES THAT CURRENTLY IS OUR PERSONAL REALITY.

EVERYTHING going on in our lives and happening “to” us is a direct result of OUR own decided thoughts, what WE choose to consistently focus and RE-focus on, and WHAT WE ALLOW OUR MINDS TO CONSUME and ruminate upon.

Our thinking is 100% OUR responsibility.  WE are the installers of the filters through which we view EVERYTHING.  Sometimes, we forget that, and allow OTHERS to install filters that are so blurry and distorted that we can’t see anything the way we want to.  At ANY moment, we can choose to BEGIN AGAIN, re-install ANY filter we choose, see things in a different way, and begin feeling differently, IMMEDIATELY.

WE are the creators of our own personal realities.

Some of us have been taught that it is a sign of weakness to express ourselves, cry in front of others, or share anything about ourselves that may expose weaknesses or make us look imperfect.  Others have been empowered by being taught to fully accept, appreciate and allow everything about the self and others-ESPECIALLY emotions.

I always thought that to share anything “wrong” with me would make me look bad, weak and stupid.  I thought people would judge me and in reality, some do, but I realized it was ME, judging MYSELF, that was the most destructive and devastating.

It wasn’t until I was at my lowest point in life, enduring truly difficult and challenging problems, and was asked to be a part of a group, that I realized the importance of sharing.  For the first few sessions, I said, “PASS”.  I didn’t what to share.  Then as I listened to others doing so, I began to realize I wasn’t the only one feeling stupid and weak, or going through difficulties and enduring, challenging times.  These people bore their souls and I listened in awe.  How could they be so open?  For the first time in my life, I shared personal things in a vulnerable way.  It was difficult.  I was scared.  When I finished, I felt as if a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders.  I stopped carrying the weight of the judgements of myself and the world around me and I began to heal.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.

I’ve learned that if we do not make the time to properly process our emotions, the pain and suffering we have not yet healed from will grow within us until we have to.

The longer we wait to begin our own, personal, unique healing process, the more our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual energy and personal health suffers.  These things are HABITS.

“The emotion that is not allowed to express itself in the form of tears will cause other organs within the body to weep.”

My new belief is that it’s okay to share.  It is helpful and important to do so.  It creates a bond with those we share with.  It creates a support group and connects us with other humans on a real and deep level.  It helps us to feel okay and we begin to realize that we are not alone in our pain, anguish, and suffering.  We are all a part of a tribe.  It’s called the human race.  We are all connected in some way.  We are all part of ONE COLLECTIVE WHOLE.

All of us have similarities and things in common.  Not one of us is so special or broken as to not be able to connect with someone, on some level.  The more we help ourselves to heal the more we can help others to do the same.  Making our own lives more beautiful, fulfilling, and full of love, will improve the lives of those around us.




Others gain or lose by having us in their lives.  We get to decide how others are affected by us.  Will others lose or gain something today by having you in their lives?  If we don’t like the answer to this question, we can start RIGHT NOW to do the things that will change the answer.

Today I will pay special attention to how I feel.  Which emotion best describes my state of mind right now?  What can I focus on and DO that will alter my mood and make it better, so that others may gain and benefit by having me in their lives?

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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