March 27: Stress And Anxiety

Reminder to self:  Stress and anxiety are products of the mind.  Everything is an illusion we create and project from the chosen and decided upon meanings and definitions we want for this construct at a personal level.  Everything appears in accordance with what we choose to focus on., AND HOW WE CHOOSE TO THINK ABOUT IT.

What are you thinking about and focusing on that is causing your stress and anxiety?  Or is what you are focusing upon most resulting in peace, inner strength, comfort, and a life of prosperity?  Are your basic needs in life met?  Is the thing causing you stress and anxiety really that big of a thing?  The meanings and definitions we attach to EVERYTHING are 100% in OUR control.  Can we look at what is stressing us out differently?  Can we take a break and do something RIGHT  NOW to take our mind off of that thing producing anxiety?  Can we decide upon an alternate perspective and immediately improve the personal reality we are currently projecting?  Can we decide upon alternate, more empowering definitions and meanings for what we are experiencing?  What can we do RIGHT NOW that will make us feel better?  A brisk walk, getting out into nature, or anything physical we can do that gets us out of our head and re-aligns our focus elsewhere can do wonders.

If it is a big deal, deal with it.  Seek out and implement solutions and BE DONE WITH IT.  Life it too short.  No need to waste time and energy feeling poorly.  Do what you need to do to fix or repair that thing, navigate through it and get beyond it.  If it really isn’t as big a deal as you thought it was, it’s time to focus on something more productive.

Stress is literally linked to physical and mental illness.  Stress is simply the accumulation of feelings from unresolved issues and frustration from work still left undone.  Stress is a product of resistance.  It can come from MANY sources, but mostly comes from the meanings and definitions we attach to EVERYTHING we observe and judge that is going on around us, according to our current belief system.  Beliefs are simply thoughts we think over and over.  Luckily, BELIEFS CAN BE UPGRADED, and there are tools to not only MANAGE useless, harmful stress, but ERADICATE IT FROM OUR LIVES ENTIRELY.

Disease and illnesses are a natural byproduct of stress!  They are warning signs, red flags, information, and feedback, telling us that something within our current lifestyle NEEDS TO BE UPGRADED.  When we ignore this feedback, WE DO IT TO OUR OWN DETRIMENT, and it is a matter of time before we experience unnecessary disease and illness.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her 2021 interview with Lewis Howes, explains that “illnesses” like severe depression, anxiety, bipolar/manic depression, and all types of other diagnosed “diseases” are NOT DISEASES OR ILLNESSES AT ALL, but rather SYMPTOMS of an unchecked, unaltered life with no upgrades having been put into place to strategically and DAILY alleviate the residual effects of built up emotions.

Reminder to self:

Choose today and every day to create a day, a week, a month and a lifetime that is as stress-free as you can possibly make it for yourself and those around you.  Create routines and patterns in your day that alleviate all unnecessary and useless stress.  It will make your life more manageable, beautiful, and enjoyable.  Others around you will benefit from the choices you make, and you will be far more capable of contributing to and adding value to others.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on what you enjoy and what makes you happy.  Expect more of THAT in your life and let the stress blow away in the wind.


Start each day by coming up with a mental list of everything you are grateful for in your life and why you are grateful for it, and sit back and watch as miracles unfold in your life when you do it consistently.  WE GET MORE OF WHAT WE FOCUS ON.  There will be miracles that are constantly happening, every moment of every day, and because of the habitual practice of gratitude, you will have begun to train your mind to notice and recognize them.

Each day, when we awake, there are residual amounts of left-over stress from the day, the month, or the years past.  When we sleep, we heal.  Our brains literally go through a procedural chemical wash.  Sleep is a tool.

There is another tool used by the wise which has been proven to heal us from the residual effects of stress.  It is much more effective than sleep.  For years I avoided it, but now that I have begun this age-old practice, I wish I would have started much sooner.

I first learned of this particular method of meditation on a YouTube show called, HEALTH THEORY, in an interview with Emily Fletcher.  I immediately bought her book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  I highly recommend buying and using this book.   The audio version is my personal preference.  It is my hope that one day the effects of the residual stress we all suffer from will dissipate and disappear from our lives forever.

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will choose to do things that will alleviate the stressful situations and circumstances in my life.  Today I will choose to think, say, and do everything stress-free.  I will remember the value in FEELING GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME.

Why it is SO important to feel good, ALL the time:

Why it is SO important to FEEL GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

2 Replies to “March 27: Stress And Anxiety”

  1. You’re awesome Pete! Thanks for this awesome blog! It sure hit home for me. Richard’s birthday is March 27th! And ironically, we went to The Cheesecake Factory because he wanted his birthday dinner there, and we actually talked about what we wanted to do in the next few years. Some of the topics that came up were a little stressful, but overall, it was a good conversation for sure. 😊 Thanks again, Pete!

    1. That’s awesome to hear. Thank you. I wish you guys the most meaningful and fulfilling relationship possible. You are both incredible people and you both deserve the very best in life. 👍😊

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