May 2: Self Made

We all hear the stories about kids that inherit a certain type of lifestyle just by being the children of those with money.  They have the cars, the clothes, the toys, the confidence, the habits, the teachings and programming, and the opportunities that most of the rest of us will never experience or have.  Then there are those who grow up in a home with only one parent or no parents, or who grow up being abused or bullied,  who go through huge difficulties and challenges most people wouldn’t survive through, only to come out on the other side extremely happy, fulfilled, strong, healthy, successful, and financially wealthy.

I think we all love the stories of those who are, “self-made”.

Some of the characteristics of these people are:

  • They work extremely hard on personal growth and development.
  • Relentlessness.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • They are too proud to ask for handouts or help.
  • They help others and want them to succeed.
  • They work for, and earn, everything they get.
  • They have excellent habits.
  • They make goals.
  • They have a morning routine.
  • They learn to love themselves.
  • They strive to constantly self-improve.

While creating the life they want, they become more responsible, confident, talented, self-reliant, structured, successful, fulfilled, hard-working, skilled, and strong.  They realize that everything is a choice and that each choice has a positive or negative consequence.  They pay attention to the information and feedback that comes through each life experience and they constantly adapt.  They amass strength, confidence, and a sense of fulfillment from the fact that they could have chosen to accept help, taken a hand-out, blamed others for their short-comings and failures, or chosen to be rescued and taken care of in a time of need.  They know they could have chosen to remain a victim and lived a life of excuses.  Instead, they chose to be, “self-made.”

Reminder to self:  Entitlement is a TRAP!  Nobody owes you anything.  If you want something, don’t ask for it.  Work hard, be determined, and go out and get it!

I once heard that Warren Buffett, the multi-billionaire, and one of the financially wealthiest people the world has ever known, has pledged to donate 99% of all of his money to many different causes, and chose not to give it to his children.  He did this because he is kind, good, loving, and incredibly wise.  He knows the value of being self-made, resilient, and self-reliant.  He knows the truth and wisdom in the fact that:  if you didn’t work for it you didn’t earn it, and if you didn’t work for it or earn it, you definitely don’t deserve it-AND YOU WON’T KNOW HOW TO KEEP IT.

In all honesty, I don’t believe that any of us are 100%, “Self-made.”  We are the sum total of the books we read, the content we allow into our minds and choose to focus on, and the people we spend the most time with.  We are, at first, a conglomeration of the teachings and programming of well-meaning but broken, young, or inexperienced parents, who are simply doing their very best-and that’s if we are LUCKY.

Many times, we must be honest with ourselves, and give credit where credit is due:  Our parents, teachers, mentors, and friends.  Without such people in my life, I realize my life just wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.  I’m incredibly grateful for those who have contributed at such a high level in my life and who have taught me so much, all along the way.

We are ALL so blessed to have the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of others to learn from and draw upon, especially in times of need.  Through books alone, we can compress DECADES of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and intelligence into hours or days.  I believe it is useful to learn to be capable and strong enough stand alone, when it is needed, and make the very best of ourselves that we can, all along the way.  To be “self-made” is to be awake and aware enough to accept full responsibility for what is replaying in our minds that automatically projects our reality, and to know that is our choice.  To be “self-made” is to ALWAYS do our very best at doing what WE define as our very best.


Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will work for what I want, I will earn what I want, and I will deserve what I want, thereby building credibility, skills, and self-confidence to get and KEEP what I want.  I will also remember to be grateful for all those along the way who have encouraged and empowered me.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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