May 23: We Create The Moments That Make Us

Each moment makes us.  In the duration of a moment we make choices.  With each interaction and reaction with all that is, results are produced directly corresponding to the quality of our actions.  Each moment and each choice will shape us, create us, and form us into who we are.  The WHO we identify as while in these bodies for this brief, human experience is a result of OUR choices.

Each day is filled with countless possibilities and endless choices.  LIMITLESS are the potential outcomes and end results, all determined and dictated by us.  To a certain extent, WE are in control of our outcomes, if we choose to take FULL responsibility for ALL of it, and continuously, consistently do our very best.

ALL things come THROUGH us, not to us.

Every moment matters.  Or not.  The choice is ours.

All of the countless, endless choices we decide upon, or don’t, create the eventual, residual reality we live in.  Results don’t lie.  We know if the choices we are making are good for us, or not good for us, by the direct consequences or results  related to those choices and how we choose to interpret and define it all.  Sometimes this feedback is immediate.  Other times, the feedback isn’t produced for YEARS.  Either way, it is all for our greater good and benefit.  It was simply the way this construct was designed.

EVERYTHING happening TO us is actually happening FOR US.


We also know if the choices we are making are good for us, or not good for us, by the direct consequences others have experienced.  There is wisdom in learning from the experiences from others.  It saves time and energy, getting us to the desired end results much more quickly.

Success leaves clues.  So does failure.

“A stupid man never learns.  A smart man learns from his mistakes.  A wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Admittedly, I spent most of my life being stupid.  In my forties (Yes, I’m a late bloomer), I started getting smart.  Finally.  In my late-forties, and now my fifties, I have started working on becoming wise, by asking questions and seeking out the answers from those who are EXPERIENCED in that which I am interested in expanding INTO, and being more of.

Each of us can always do something better for ourselves, or a little differently, which we know, or at least can guess, will result in more effective, enjoyable, improved, more optimal consequences.  

One small, seemingly meaningless change, completed daily for years, can alter the course and trajectory of our life FOREVER.

Today I will remember that each moment that passes is an opportunity for me to create the person I want to expand into and enjoy more of the life I want to live.  Every moment matters, and is meaningful, as long as I am present within that moment.

Nobody teaches presence in the moment, quite like Eckhart Tolle, in his book, THE POWER OF NOW, as well as in his other phenomenal book, A NEW EARTH.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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