May 24: Comfort

Comfort is often the enemy of success.  Don’t get me wrong-being comfortable is what we all strive for in life, and it is nice!  It is important to remember, however, that if all we have is comfort and ease, there will be no growth, no challenges, and no achievements reached.  To consistently expand and grow, it is useful to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, then include within our blueprint, time for recovery.

We are all so blessed, and many of us have our every need and most of our wants met.  We are in a position, many of us, where we don’t have to do things that are uncomfortable for us, and this can be a dangerous and precarious position to be in.  It creates a false sense of security and strength.  I believe that it is only by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and doing things that are scary, difficult, or challenging, that we can begin to align our lives with our potential, experience growth, and know the enjoyment of progress.

A useful and beautiful belief I have adopted, along with these ideas, is that while living out this human experience, I can choose to be happy, content, and satisfied within, no matter the chaos and turmoil that may be happening around me, and when I do, everything seems to fall into place, and it is easier for me to believe and remember that everything happening TO me is actually happening FOR me.

I have a strong belief that The Universe was designed to conspire on our behalf.  Because of that, I believe that if we are not busy completing self-imposed, difficult, challenging tasks, that we have intentionally chosen, The Universe will send some our way.

Sometimes, looking at a list of things to do, it is a great strategy to find the most difficult, time-consuming, most challenging and daunting task, and do it first.  After that, everything else seems easy!  In the same fashion, there are things we will go through in this life that are extremely difficult, even devastating.  After getting through it, going through the pain, learning, suffering, and healing, everything else we experience in life that may be considered difficult may seem easy to us.  We can choose to be grateful for our comforts.  We can also remember to be grateful for the adversity, the difficulties, the trials, and the challenges.

Today I will make a mental or written list of all the things in my life that make my life more comfortable and I will be grateful for each one.  I will also make a list of things that make me uncomfortable, scared, or even a little fearful when I think about doing them.  I will begin doing those things immediately.  One thing at a time, one small bite at a time, I will chip away at the uncomfortable and push myself into the growth, improvement, and expansion that awaits me.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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