May 31: Sense Of Self

So many of us derive our sense of self from the past.  We tend to define who we are by who we think we have been.  In the past, many of us were damaged in different ways.  We experienced pain and trauma, which caused us to adopt mindsets and behaviors we thought would rid ourselves of our pain.  Each of us has done our best to heal the best we could.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, in one of his interviews with Lewis Howes, teaches that in order to become capable of real and lasting change, we must, “Think greater than our past.”  His message is, “We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering (Imposed by the Universe due to our lack of personal growth), or we can learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration (Self-imposed).  Why wait (For the Universe to impose growth upon us)?”

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books are worth researching.  I especially love his book entitled, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Some of the mindsets, philosophies, and beliefs we currently choose to live our lives by were taught to us as small children.  In many cases, they were the same ones that have been passed down for generations, for hundreds of years.  Some of these things limit us in our current, day-to-day lives.  What are some mindsets, philosophies, and beliefs that were passed down that may be limiting you right now?  Are there more beneficial ones that you can adopt, or replace your current beliefs with, starting today?

Check out or Google The goodinthehead Beliefs Project for examples of how to optimize beliefs.

The book by Maxwell Maltz, called,”Psycho-Cybernetics” comes to mind.  To upgrade the image of “self,” I highly recommend this book.

I think it is so useful to derive our sense of self from the day-to-day.  In order to move forward, we need to let the past go.  We can choose to define ourselves by our daily actions, our current efforts, our upgraded beliefs and perspectives, a continuously upgraded SELF-IDENTIFY, and we can choose to perform the best possible actions we can for the best possible outcomes to be enjoyed.  We can decide to try our very best, each and every day, to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.  We can to choose to live each day to the fullest, for the sake of our own happiness and fulfillment.  Life is too short not to.

Progress = Happiness

Today I will focus on this day and doing the things that will make me into the who I want to become, instead of focusing on the who I think I was in the past, thereby re-projecting and recreating more of the same.  I will choose to ALWAYS BE UPGRADING.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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