I’ve noticed that when I am tired or in pain there is a noticeable decline in my cognitive ability and levels of patience.  For me, personally, I notice that I am unable to be my best self, the version of myself I want to be most of the time.  I notice a decline in my own ability to think, speak, and act as well as I would like to.  My energy levels plummet and I am left feeling tired, frustrated, and unaccomplished, not having been able to accomplish everything I wanted to for the day.

I find value in these times.  It helps me wonder if there may be a simple change or improvement I can make in my diet or lifestyle.  Fine-tuning my own process of becoming capable of doing more is a blessing that comes from asking these questions.

What are some ways you keep your energy levels up?  How do you remain more consistent in your moods?  Are there mechanisms you have put into place?  Are there tools, tips, or tricks you use?  Do you have a  consistent morning routine that sets into motion that which helps you the most?  What else is out there that can be researched or learned about that may be helpful?  What else can be done to overcome, work through, and cope with, tiredness, exhaustion, and pain?

If you have found things helpful to you, please leave them in the comments section.  Something that may have helped you in some way has the potential to help someone else immensely.

Today I will research and think of something I can implement into my daily routine that will help me improve my mood and energy levels.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

2 Replies to “November 12: IMPROVING ENERGY LEVELS”

  1. Something as simple as cutting out junk foods has helped my energy immensely! It’s hard because sometimes it’s the easiest and quickest thing to do but you can really see an improvement in focus and being more awake/aware!

    1. I agree…and sometimes it is the most difficult thing to do. Watching Fed Up, the documentary about sugar, saved my life and started me down a lifelong journey of better health, both physical AND mental. Thank me for the post. 😎👍

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