November 13: Upgrading Our Self Narrative

We become what we think about.  That has been a well-established belief now, for centuries, and has been proven many times over, throughout the years.  The way we talk to ourselves, the way we treat ourselves, and the story we tell ourselves and others, is self-narrative.  It is among the most important things we can focus on.  Our perspective, beliefs, and habits-ALL of which are developed in the early years of childhood, play an integral role in developing our self-narrative.  As we grow, evolve, learn, and develop, our perspective, beliefs, and habits can improve, and so does our self-narrative, along with our personal story we tell others.

The idea is to constantly upgrade and up-level the belief we have about ourselves.

The belief system, personal philosophy, habits we have, and the mindset we currently practice, can be changed, upgraded, or even replaced entirely.


The words, “I AM,” are a creation.  The quality of the words we use to habitually and repeatedly describe ourselves will dictate the quality of the enjoyment and fulfillment we experience every day.

It has been taught for decades by Dr. Bruce Lipton that the most effective way to up-level ANY apart of our lives-ESPECIALLY self-narrative and beliefs, is through repetition.  WHATEVER we repeatedly tell ourselves, our subconscious believes, and immediately begins to seek out all circumstances, situations, people, and things to make our thoughts and beliefs a reality for us.  Some people call it Confirmation Bias, but really it is just the Reticular Activation System at work.

ANY content I have listened to involving Dr. Bruce Lipton, has been empowering, useful, and pivotal, in the self-recreation process that I have been involved in since 2014.

On the YouTube show, Impact Theory, there is an interview featuring AJ Hawk. Through the incredible story he tells, it becomes incredibly clear just how important self-narrative is.  Watching the entire interview is well worth it, but at 38 minutes and 40 seconds into this interview, Tom describes how the self-narrative he had throughout his younger, inexperienced life, was his downfall.  He then explains how he changed it, in order to ensure future success for the rest of his life, during which he and his wife created a business and sold it for ONE BILLION DOLLARS.  The information is incredibly useful.

That which we consistently focus on grows and expands.  This is due to a little device installed in our brains called the RAS (Reticular Activating System.)

When we look to others to create our Self Image, and listen to either “good” or “bad” feedback and use it to define who we are, we give away our power.  Once I realized I was depending upon OTHERS for approval, acceptance, love, and appreciation to feel good, I set an alarm to go off on my phone at the end of each day as a reminder to ask this question of myself: What do you appreciate about yourself today?  EVERYTHING we need and are searching for is ALREADY INSIDE US.

Once I began practicing appreciating MYSELF, I no longer had the need to seek out approval or appreciation from OTHERS.  It was life-altering.

When we decide to take back our power and practice appreciating, loving, and accepting OURSELVES, NOTHING that others say or do can have an effect upon us or control us unless we allow it to.  We literally become the creators of our own reality, no longer allowing others to dictate the quality of our reality for us.

Today I will review my own self-narrative, and decide if the beliefs I have and the things I tell myself all day, every day, are benefiting me and others in my life, or not.  Anything that does not benefit me, I will change into something that does.  By doing so, I know I will add value to myself and others, and contribute to the success of not just my own life, but to the lives of those around me.

The biggest flex, the most AWESOME upgrade in self narrative we can make, is when we realize and remember WHAT we TRULY are, as we continue to do the work necessary to consistently upgrade the WHO WE IDENTIFY AS while in this human form.  We are individuated packets of GOD PARTICLES, temporarily incarnated into a physical body for a human experience.  To self identify in THIS way allows and empowers us to interact on a whole new, divine level, operating from a place of unconditional love, acceptance, and beauty.


“I don’t see you as bad.  I don’t see you as GOOD.  I SEE YOU AS GOD.”

If you are unhappy, feeling unfulfilled, depressed, suicidal, despondent, or feeling nihilistic, RIGHT NOW, I am glad for you.  May you drown in the dark depths of your sorrow, and be brought back to life through the resuscitation of DESIRE-the desire to up-level EVERY aspect of “self,” acquire new beliefs, skills, strategies, and practices to cope with what is yet to come, and perspectives that constantly shift and upgrade, empowering you to be the creator of YOUR perfect life, the one you have only seemed to envision, so far, yet are and always have been 100% capable of creating internally and projecting outwardly.

FEEL IT ALL, then LET IT GO.  It’s time to expand into a greater version of you.  You know what you have to do.  Get to it, and stop distracting yourself with pleasure and ease.  Roll up your damn sleeves and get messy.  You are sure to bleed and to hurt, but you’ll get stronger, better, faster, and wiser in the process.  Love yourself enough and remember your true value enough to tolerate and allow self-sabotage NO MORE.

Here are some other interviews that include useful information, and have the capability to empower anyone to upgrade their own self narrative.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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