November 20: Personal Accountability

There is an amazing interview I listen to every once in a while, to remind myself of what I learned, and to re-focus on important things.  In truth, I learn something new every time I listen to this interview.  As I continue to change, learn, grow, improve, expand, and evolve, my perspective continuously seems to do the same, so each time I hear the same exact words, the meanings of the words are different.  My perceptions grow, improve, and evolve along with me, as I continuously work to up-level my mind.  It’s the same when reading a book once a year.  The meaning behind the book is different each time.  Words on the page seem to jump out at us, and we get something different from the same story each time we read it.  The book is the same.  The words have not changed.  The benefits and value which come from the book does, because meanings of the words change because we have changed.

The interview I am referring to features Marshall Goldsmith, on the YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY.

In the interview he speaks about personal accountability.  He suggests asking these 6 questions at the end of each day.  I’ve been doing it, as an experiment, and it has transformed the way I think, the actions I choose to take, and what I accomplish, each and every day.  The beauty behind these questions is that it makes one think on their own efforts throughout the day and ponder on any opportunities for possible improvements.  No matter who we are, what we have done, or what we have not yet done, there will forever be room for improvements.  There will always be more work to be done, if we choose to do it.


We can always choose to present to the world a more evolved version of ourselves, each and every day.  Little by little, as we continuously strive to grow and improve, each day becomes like an endless staircase to personal growth and greatness.  The higher we climb, the more glorious the view!

As we consistently do our best, our best consistently gets better.

These are six helpful questions to ask at the close of each day:

  1. Did I do my best to set clear goals?
  2. Did I do my best work to progress towards achieving my goals?
  3. Did I do my best to find meaning?
  4. Did I do my best to be happy?
  5. Did I do my best to build positive relationships?
  6. Did I do my best to be fully engaged and present?

Try asking yourself these questions at the end of each day for just ONE month.  Keep track of the answers to these questions each day in a personal progress notebook.  At the end of the month, look back and see if it benefited you to do so.  It is easy to do.  It is totally worth it.  It is life-transforming.  I miss a day or two here and there, but because of this interview I have a personal set of questions I ask myself at the end of each day.  Thanks to the wisdom and incite of Marshall Goldsmith, I now have a new, helpful, effective habit, that empowers me be more personally accountable.  Because of him I now have created and acquired a habit which helps me to focus, at least once a day, on the things which are truly important to me.  It has helped improve my day-to-day life immensely.  It takes less than two minutes but this personal accountability and personal awareness exercise REALLY helps keep things in perspective.


There is so much to gain by listening to this interview.  If you put his name into YouTube, you will find many, incredibly helpful videos put out by him.  In this day and age that we live in called, “The Information Age,” ignorance and being naive is a choice.

Today I will make the time to listen to this interview.  While listening to it I will look for tips, tricks, tools, methods, and ideas that I can use in my own, personal life, to add value and to hold myself accountable for my actions and my life.  I will strive each and every day to add value to my life and to the lives of those around me.

Another Life Optimization Coach I am grateful that I found, and have followed and listened to for YEARS now, is Jim Rohn.  His teachings, and choosing to put them into action in my personal life, have empowered me to design the personality, character, integrity, and the life of my dreams.  Here are a few of his videos that are shared on Facebook, that have really made a difference in my life, and that I love to listen to, over and over again:

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share this, and ANY message, which may empower someone you love or may care about.  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become wiser.

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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